One of those days?

Content of the article: "One of those days?"

So I should preface this by saying I am the definition of average. Comfortable Div 5 player, bounce between Gold 3 and Gold 2. I had a good amount of spare time today, thought I'd eat into my div rivals games before the weekend.

Things started with my Base or Mid Icon Pack, and I got Mid Roberto Carlos – great start. First game I used with him, I spank in an outside of the boot free-kick and it is all looking great. I'm on about 1180 and even thinking about the dizzying heights of Div 4, more fool me.

From there my ability to play the game just capitulated, and I'm now languishing on 930 in Div 6, loss after loss, for which some I was undoubtedly just outplayed. But what the fuck has happened to my players? I upgraded from Alphonso Davies at LWB to Roberto Carlos, and replaced IF Kimmich with IF Goretzka (most expensive player I've ever bought in ultimate team, this is my first year doing it since FIFA 13), but my team's ability just evaporated. Easy cut backs turning into cross field passes to the centre back, conceding absurd long shots, and opposition players completely free on the back-post despite my using 3 centre-backs. I've been averaging about 87%+ pass accuracy (normally I feel like if I'm above 86 or so, I'm not being sloppy and trying to force things), matching my opponents shot numbers and getting absolutely creamed by players who should be on my level. I just don't get what happens on this game sometimes?

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Does anyone else have days like these? I am a pretty calm person but I have just lost my fucking head honestly, I am fuming at myself and the game. Have I just become shit? Or is this something people can relate to, some days just being inexplicably terrible?


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