Opinions about those (hidden) gems under 10K

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First of all, I am not a particularly good player (Div. 1/2 and Gold 2/1) so I don‘t think that my skills cause the surprisingly good performance of those players. They are just better than their stats suggest! Every week I build a different team (full EPL, full La Liga etc.) and I have tried almost every player under 100K. So the actually comparison is: players under 10K vs. players 10-100K. I would like a know If someone of you had the same experiences with some of those players.


Pope (big enough to save most of the well-placed finesse shots)

Rulli (1on1 king)

Lecomte (overall very good)

Pavlenka (best Bundesliga GK after Neuer for me)

CB (all with shadow chem)

Lucas Hernandez (pretty fast with shadow and ALWAYS in the right place)

Klostermann (no comment is necessary here)

Diego Carlos (fast, always in the right place and very strong)

Militao (Diego Carlos faster brother)

Marquinhos (decent pace, good interceptions and excellent passing to build up from the defense)

Kimpembe (very strong and aggressive)

Ake (my favourite CB and still on my team- he catches everyone with his pace, intercepts everything even without controlling him and extremely agile for a CB)

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Sanchez (decent pace and one of the most aggressive CBs out there who intercepts almost everything)

RB (with shadow chem)

Pereira (a hidden gem, better than semedo and cancelo for me – the second best RB after Walker imo)


Lodi (the second best La Liga LB after Mendy for me. Very fast with shadow and pretty good at defending/positioning for a 81 rated player)


Fred (cheaper Kante with shadow. He controls my middlefield as B2B and still on my team)

Laimer (fast and defensively a beast even without shadow – that means you can upgrade everything else with another chem style)

Torreira (similar to Fred – but with less pace and worse shooting)

Zakaria (a cheap, faster Fabinho – strong, good passing and more than enough pace for a CDM)

Nainggolan (he does everything – he is fast, can shoot, defends great and passing is on point. Shadow chem recommended)

Llorente (no comments are necessary)

Keita (Freds Brother with better dribbling but worse defensively)


Talisca (he has everything you need for the perfect CAM: pace, shooting, dribbling and long legs. His RB is even crazier than his gold card)

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Douglas Costa (my favourite LW: super fast and agile + his finishing is better than you think)

Felipe Anderson (I know weird candidate right? It’s not the pace or the agility that make him so good. It’s the perfect positioning. He is always there for the rebound shot and his runs are unbelievable for some reason)

Podence (Yes, I mean his gold card. He feels like Costa but way more agile + he finishes more than his shooting stats suggest)


Mahrez (fast with Hunter, great dribbling and shooting. Good at RM, a god at CAM)

Portu (a rocket with decent finishing and great dribbling with Finisher chem)

Traore (It‘s not just the pace. Use Finisher chem on him and he will score and dance around defenders like there‘s no tomorrow)


Martinez (a cheaper Martial with Hunter)

Rodrigo (my favourite ST this year and still in my 800K team. Ultra fast, finishes literally everything, decent dribbling and for some reason VERY strong)

Teixeira (no comments are necessary)

Thanks for reading!


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