[Other] An unpopular opinion: Skill-based events are an improvement from last season.

Content of the article: "[Other] An unpopular opinion: Skill-based events are an improvement from last season."

Now, before you jump me, hear me out.

Last season was a tragedy. End of. As someone who has played since S1, I was both bemused and aggravated by the atrociousness so much that I stopped playing it. Twice. Evidently, I came back, but that is another story.

But the point is: last season had probably only 2 good events: TOTSSF and Bundesliga Rivals. The others included extensive grinding for little rewards and everyone who was F2P could get the same rewards, which even more sunk the value of the hard-grinded players.

This year, however, EA have included a skill-based division between F2P. And I believe that this is totally fine and logical.

It started with the Champions League events with the 3-star skill games. And whilst they were rather easy to get in 4 or 5 tries, it really set the tone for the season.

I see people complaining about the HARD Football Freeze skill games. Whilst losing your precious energy is annoying, there is a reason for them being hard and giving good rewards. They are not for everyone. And that is perfectly natural, this is how competition works. People don't get what they want, but what they deserve. Better players SHOULD get better rewards. IMO this segregation is better than a pay wall.

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Then comes the Boxing Day event. Last season f2ps could get 85 OVR players, if I remember correctly. This year they can have a 93 player if they are skillful enough. More casual players can get a 91 or 92 player and everyone gets a free 90 atop of that. VSA and H2H are theoretically based on skill only, since there is an even playing field, OVR-wise.

I am not saying the system is flawless. EA are renown for their bugs, matchmaking can be a pain in the arse, some teams have a dodgy 85 rating, and who can forget the all-feared SCRIPT. But I would prefer to have to deal with this once in a while rather than grind the horrendous Easter event from last year.

I am not saying "get better in the game and stop whining". That would be utter hypocrisy, for I myself often get annoyed. But IMO the inclusion of skill makes the game more competitive and rewarding and is a little step in the right direction of what a football game should be. Plus, if last year you were ranting the events were tedious, why would you rant that they are hard, but no longer tedious.


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