[other] Electronic Arts have been confronted with a lawsuit by FIFA gamers over the issue of DDA scripting

Content of the article: "[other] Electronic Arts have been confronted with a lawsuit by FIFA gamers over the issue of DDA scripting"

Now, EA Sports faces another legal challenge in the US after a lawsuit was brought to a Californian court.

The Zajonc v Electronic Arts lawsuit was brought forward by a FIFA trio — Jason Zajnoc, Danyael Williams and Pranko Lozano — and alleged that the publisher had used "deceptive practices" and "false advertising" to drive sales for Ultimate Team.

The lawsuit claims that EA "unlawfully" tricked players into buying packs from Ultimate Team by "utilizing artificial intelligence technologies that adjust game difficulty dynamically."

EA Sports has strongly denied that so-called scripting exists in the FIFA series, despite fans claiming that it is present in this year's FIFA 21.

However, the plaintiffs have built their case around scripting and EA's alleged failure to confirm to customers that it does impact matches.

The lawsuit reads: "Unbeknownst to most… EA utilizes technologies like 'Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment' and 'Adaptive Difficulty.'

"These technologies use heuristic prediction and intervention to dictate or even influence outcomes, thereby keeping gamers more engaged."

Zajnoc, Williams and Lozano also argued that EA Sports had violated Californian consumer protection laws by doing false advertising and unjust enrichment through their practices.

According to reports, the case hasn't been certified as a class-action lawsuit.

But the lawsuit also points to EA Sports franchises like Madden and NHL, both of which incorporate an Ultimate Team mode similar to that of FUT.

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PC Gamer reports that EA has released a statement and denied the accusations in the lawsuit.

An EA representative said: "We believe the claims are baseless and misrepresent our games."

Plaintiff:Pranko Lozano, Danyael Williams and Jason Zajonc
Defendant:Electronic Arts Inc.
Case Number:3:2020cv07871
Filed:November 9, 2020
Court:US District Court for the Northern District of California
Presiding Judge:William Alsup
Referring Judge:Joseph C Spero
Nature of Suit:Other Fraud
Cause of Action:28:1332Jury
Demanded By:Plaintiff


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