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Hi all – since Top Prospects is on "hold" right now… I decided to compile a little something that's been on my mind for a while. Below, I've tried to summarize some of the major issues/controversies of this season for your reading pleasure.

  • I tried to be as objective as possible, and just share the issue(s) that happened.
  • Sources: my own playing experiencing, observations of experiences on Twitter/Reddit, and I went back through EA/FM's Twitter announcements
  • This is meant to just give some context to issues that have happened so far.
  • Most of these incidents I found comical, particularly in the immediate response and frequency of them. I hope we can chuckle (if only half-heartedly) seeing them all compiled.
  • I only starting playing seriously after Top Transfers, so I'm sure I've missed some other key moments – feel free to add in the comments!

Ongoing Issues

  • Delayed events or events launched and then disabled (UTOTSSF, Icons, FA Cup, Treasure Hunt, etc.)
  • Rampant hacking across several game modes
  • 'Play Again' button consistently missing from skill games
  • Matchmaking system that consistently matches very uneven opponents
  • Unrealistic / broken game mechanics (finesse shots, heading, defending)
  • Scripting / dynamic leveling

Player Heights

  • Since the beginning of the game, GK height was a strong factor in how one's GK performed. After complaints about this, EA promised a fix to address the issue. The resulting fix was to simply remove all player in-game height/weight data, with EA stating: "Now you should have more freedom to choose your Ultimate Team's GK, whether short or tall!"
  • All GKs are now 197cm (6.4 ft.)

TOTSSF Energy Bug

  • During a reset for TOTSSF, a bug was discovered that allowed players to purchase additional coin packs for energy beyond the allotted 8. Some users abused the bug, and others unknowingly purchased packs. This resulted in a temporary disabling of the coin packs.
  • Eventually, players who abused the packs (purchasing more than 20, according to EA) were temporarily suspended for 100 hours, though this suspension also affected a number of players who unknowingly purchased packs.
  • The resulting fix for the coin packs ended up resetting the purchase counter to 0, meaning that in some cases, non-suspended players ended up getting to purchase more than 8 packs.
  • Soon after, EA announced additional tiered suspension windows for players who claimed rewards (players, Prime Icons, etc.) that could not be undone. These suspensions were based on the severity of the player's actions and ranged from 2 days to a month. However, for many of these players, the suspensions lasted much longer due to a login issue/bug (see below).
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TOTSSF Suspension Login Issues

  • As the extended suspensions for the players involved in the TOTSSF Energy Bug came to an end, many noticed that they were unable to log back into the game. Some reported black screens, never-ending load screens, and simple error messages stating there was a "log in issue."
  • A few days later, EA acknowledged the issue and stated it was fixed, though a number of players reportedly continued to encounter login issues.
  • Over a month later, players received a compensation pack to address the additional game time lost.

Weekend Tournament Month 1

  • An exciting new event format, Weekend Tournament was meant to place players on a level field by fielding program-restricted teams with capped OVRs/chem.
  • The first week's cap of 90 OVR/55 chem was immediately ignored by hackers who fielded teams of 100+ OVR and higher chemistry. Players faced unfair matchups in an event designed to cap OVRs/chem.
  • By week 2, the issue persisted so EA simply removed the chemistry cap, stating: "Due to the issue surrounding the ability to bypass the Weekend Tournament Chemistry requirement, we have removed the Chemistry cap for the upcoming Weekend Tournament. Team OVR requirements will not change, it will remain at 105 OVR. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Retro Stars Progress Counter & VSA Bug

  • In the main mode of Retro Stars, playing 15 games (skills, VSA, H2H) was supposed to lead to unlocking a "bonus match."
  • However, the counter was not accurately logging players' progress and in some cases, certain skill games were not being "counted" despite successfully completing them. This resulted in lost energy/progress for some players.
  • The Retro Memory section of the event featured a VSA node along the reward path. Winning the VSA match would earn a Retro player, but the node was supposed to lock after this. However, a bug meant that some players were able to repeatedly play the VSA match and earn additional players. This was eventually acknowledge and patched by EA.
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Retro Stars – Pires

  • Many players were excited at the news that Prime Icon Robert Pires would be available as a possible reward for successfully completing the "bonus matches" in Retro Stars.
  • At the reset, many more players were shocked to find that they actually received Pires after completing the bonus match. Word spread quickly that this was a potential F2P Prime Icon. In some (unconfirmed) cases, players reportedly packed Pires more than once.
  • EA quickly introduced a content update that dramatically reduced the odds of packing Pires (to reportedly less than 1%). This left players divided due to the uneven odds presented.

Star Pass 14

  • At the release of the latest Star Pass (14), many users experienced issues with purchasing the premium pass. After clicking to purchase, many players were charged, but never received access to the premium pass. In some cases, players clicked purchase again, believing there was an error.
  • Many players have since been double-charged (or more) and most have yet to receive access to the premium Star Pass.
  • EA acknowledged the issue with two tweets, but have yet to provide any updates on the issue nor the status of players' purchases.


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