Other Season review Part 2: PvP/Player Diversity

Content of the article: "Other Season review Part 2: PvP/Player Diversity"

^ So my review series continues and today let's take a look at the stuff mentioned in the title.

  1. PvP: vsA/h2h

So the way this season began, it really seemed like a lot of focus would be on the competitive modes, weekend leaderboards(eventually cash grabs) and competing against others for rewards based on your ranking in Division Rivals sounded like the next step. I mean TOTW and POTM were based on this. But eventually and slowly there was literally no point in playing those modes unless you wanted t250 and beyond in any of the two or both.


>vsA and POTM

– I don't know how many of you have been playing since S1, S2 or maybe even S3 but the vsA gameplay was significantly improved, Dribbling vs Marking was heavily nerfed, either you time your skill move or get owned anyway, I haven't seen any other player perfect stun in any case other than UTOTS Neymar, anyway forget that. So I totally feel defenders weren't as big of a threat and skill move to shot was no more the go to playstyle like before, the gameplay/the chances includes a lot of passing and you can even do without skill moves. I love how the gameplay has been throughout the season, anybody remembers broken shooting exactly a year ago? Ofc there's RNG in the sense that you'll most likely lose if you get too many "bad" good chances, but that has existed since forever so yeah. vsA in events and friendlies are a bit too "random" iykwim.

– Compared to previous years, they made POTMs more accessible to everyone, if you couldn't win them from the tournament, you'd obviously buy. It started off with the POTM being the highest current ovr player available, so atleast until Ramos/Gnabry, the player OVRs kinda corresponded to our progress levels, so not only was it fun but also really rewarding.


Not many pros but you don't need to frantically upgrade your OVR and use ranks to stay competitive, you can actually develop skills but we all know how 90pc of the hardcore base really uses "skills". So having skill, using suitable players can actually help you excel here so that's a pro for me.


– Yes, you are absolutely right to blame EA when you match a really high OVR in vsA, but blame them for not improving rewards, blame them for not giving anybody an incentive to move up divisions creating an OVR delta of what 25-30 in a division? Do you guys remember they changed the local leaderboard to cup/fan based whereas it was based on how many leaderboard points(idr what they were called) you had? Yeah it was better, the change was supposed to stop people from camping, it just made it worse instead. heck they even removed daily bonus now, nothing absolutely nothing has been done to improve our experience in this regard. Absolutely overlooked, no efforts made to improve anything. A real shame cus Division Rivals has a nice ring and meaning to it.

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– Not even joking, h2h is the same old shit it was since it was introduced in S3. I mean where to start, headers are ridiculously broken, abusing it has now become a playstyle, ball to unmarked player inside or at the edge of the box- guaranteed headed goal, shorter dude can outjump taller stronger dudes- guaranteed headed goal, if you have the higher OVR team, your players are guaranteed going to get bullied. I don't know if y'all have faced it, against a lower OVR team, your players suddenly have heavy touches, get bullied by random low OVR cards, won't jump on corners, always passing to the wrong guy etc. for past few days, I am having unresponsive buttons, might be connection issue tho. Not to forget how AI on autoplay encourages cross/lob spam, look I don't mind a few cross/lobs here and there, when you only depend on those cuz you know they're broken, you're exploiting it and it is nothing to be proud of.


– Instead of introducing chain packs and making people spend on Star Pass with progressive rewards, put some effort in making playing the game a more fruitful experience, make modes rewarding, look into S1 and S2 stuff for inspiration. I can't believe the same set of devs made S2.

– Improve the h2h gameplay or just scrap it. I know there is no cash grab from it, doesn't mean you make no effort to make it a good mode, it causes rage, promotes toxicity and is far away from being fun in it's current state.

– You just have to give people incentive to move up and stay in higher divisions otherwise the vsA problem will never be solved, top whales then medium whales and market junkies fight for t250, unskilled light spenders and average/low market working f2ps are basically screwed.

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2) Diversity in players

The decision to make players go beyond 100 was absolutely ridiculous and it ended any chance for people to just roll with whoever they want. The training part, SB upgrades are absolutely brutal on coins which for some reason they didn't want us to have and here we are stuck with using cheap high OVRs for league, for performance, for whatever reason, this is the scenario. S3 was way worse in terms of diversity since SB rarity. lack of rarity this season should have changed things, it would have if max OVR was just a 100.

let's take a look at some of the positions,

GKs: (thanks to the GK fix, would appreciate if it was done better but let's people use anyone they want so it's a win)

– UCL Lopes, Retro Neuer, TOTS Alisson, UTOTS Oblak, POTM Donna, Icon Yashin, and maybe Prime VDS. That's quite a lot of options, there's more if you consider the new TP GKs, Some reflexes boost GKs. Good diversity

CBs and STs: pretty much every event had a top end CB choice iirc, lot's of options with different boosts, list gonna be quite long but makes sense since every team has CBs, GK and ST/s(433f9 anybody?), for STs you have options but Ronaldo/ADP everywhere. So again great number of choices anyway.

LMs: There was a time every single event was dropping one of these even though there was a Sancho for everyone, it really pissed me off how there were too damn many LMs with a favourable SB. looking at how players are trainable to 108, there's not a lot of LMs beyond 100 OVR base. Could say the same for RMs. but good RMs aren't huge in number, the whole right side in particular doesn't have a lot of choices.

LBs: there were meta options in different periods, not a very useful position in vsA, but if you were ready to spend, you had RC, otherwise we moved from Davies to Robertson to Baines to Davies again and with a lot of users preferring 3atb. the diversity here is okay, not too great, not too bad either. There's also Theo, 100 Zinc, Destroyer Max which are decent options.

LWs: Before Hazard, it was Bulter/Bergwijn, before that was using Sancho OOP, not too many desirable options after TOTY Mane. If you look at that position, you choose from Hazard, UTOTS Neymar(expensive,not many people use finishing), UTOTS Mane(needs training, again Shooting SB is eh), Retro Rashica(Accel trio upfront possible), TP Fati and TOTS Mane and UCL Sterling are outliers, unless I'm missing someone, the depth in choices is weird and not really much to choose from, sure you could stick to Hazard so you couldn't care less.

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RBs: TP AMN, UTOTS TAA, TOTS AWB, UCL Kimmich, UTOTS Carvajal. Anything outside the four isn't good enough and it is such an important defensive position for 4atbs and just has 5 really usable options, 1 in for a really high OVR and it's ridiculous that he's only two of the 100+ OVR base cards. Others need to be massively trained or are really expensive to even buy initially. Could make a case for TOTS Carvajal as well, kinda forgot about him.

RWs: probably only right side position that has a lot of options, most need training, and some are justifiably expensive but there are options.

I think CMs/CAMs/CDMs have a good number of players to choose from so won't go to details.

So one more part done and one final part of my review left. Stay tuned


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