[other] Well, since you asked for it, I might as well deliver. Review of the Spring Break players, Team 1

Given the overwhelming support I got on the previous post, I felt like I should reinitiate my project. Seriously, thank you guys for the comments, upvotes and rewards (!), I never expected such a positive response.

So, without further ado, I present you the first of (hopefully) many more teams that I will try during these series. Some of you would probably flinch at two particular players (99 Griezmann and 95 Isco), since I promised you a non-meta team. However, since I build a full Spurs squad as my main team, I decided I would give them a try and compare them with the non-meta players around them.

Formation: 5-2-1-2

GK: 88 (+0) David Raya (0 G, 0 A, 2 CS) As you can see, my defensive record out of the 25 games was far from ideal. It is true that I played highly competitive matches, but still 2 cleans sheets out of 25 possible tells a story in itself. By all means, Davida Raya is not a bad goalkeeper. He has pulled a couple of great instinctive reflex saves during those matches, but still, I can't say he is anything out of the ordinary. He has looked a bit suspect on a couple of occasions and probably should have saved a couple of those that he let in. Oh yes, and did I mention that his distribution is terrible. Not great.

LWB: 94 (+0) LB Ben Davies* (0 G, 4 A, 2 CS) This Ben Davies card is a typical Ben Davies. Probably the most accurate card I have used this season in terms of real life performances. Spurs fans would know that Ben is normally a reliable but concerningly orthodox left-back. I tried to push him in a more attacking position by playing him in 5atb, but I am thinking that I would probably have done better if I had placed him at LCB. In short, he is good defensively, but can get beaten for pace and lackluster going forward, although, he does provide a threat as the 4 assists indicate.

LCB: 87 (+4) John Boye (0 G, 1 A, 2 CS) Perhaps the defender I could write the least about. Yes, he is strong, yes, he provided adequate cover for Ben Davies had he miraculously decided to roam forward. But all in all, most of the times he caught my attention was when he made mistakes, actually. Sadly, he lacks recovery pace, which is bad when playing with 3 CBs and he felt a bit short, as compared to my other CBs.

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CCB: 87 (+11) Walker Zimmerman (5 G, 0 A, 2 CS) Arguably my best defender in this team. Always seemed adequate, strong enough to keep the ball after tackles. Usually the defender who dropped into the hole to meet the opponent's midfielders, he emerged with the ball countless times. Good aerially, as well, as the 5 goals from corners indicate. Solid.

**RCB: 86 (+4) Haulke Wahl (1 G, 0 A, 2 CS) One goal from a corner and a million chased balls down the right channel of my defense. That was the story of Haulke Wahl during his 25-game stint in my team. I wouldn't say he was bad by any means. I wouldn't say he stood out in any means. Felt really similar to Zimmerman, which was good. Redunant, perhaps, but good.

RWB: 86 (+8) RM Valentin Stocker* (0 G, 2 A, 2 CS) If someone asks me why do I like putting wingers at wing-back, I won't be able to answer adequately. Especially at RWB. What I found out with this little experiment was that a) Valentin Stocker has the pace to go forward; b) Valentin Stocker has recovery pace and c) Valentin Stocker is awful positionally. I guess if I didn't play him oop, he would be a bit more adequate, but then I would have had to deal with the problem with his wasteful end product. I tell you what, for the positions he was getting in, 5 assists was the bare minimum. He got 2.

LCM: 87 (+6) Yoon Bit Garam (1 G, 6 A) This guy…This guy is an all-rounded beast. He was everywhere, defensively. My main tackler and dispossessor, think of Victor Wanyama in his prime. He did things offensively, as the stats indicate. He made terrific runs in behind from (arguably) a very deep position. My only issue with him was the fact that his first touch let him down far too many times. He could have easily had 5 or more goals, if he managed to control the ball better at times when he had a clean pair of heels from the defense.

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RCM: 89 (+10) Lucas Zelarayan (6 G, 3 A) I think I am in love with this card. He managed to do everything Yoon Bit Garam couldn't do when in an attacking position. His runs were even better and time and time again did he find himself one on one with the goalie. Honestly, I can't find any flaws in this guy. He dictated the tempo, he provided, he finished. Star.

CAM: 95 (+10) Isco ( 5 G, 14 A) I honestly don't know how a guy can simultaneously pull the strings and get overran in midfield. Because that was Isco. He might be asleep for 75 odd minutes and then BAAAAM, a killer assist. Or a killer run that results in a goal. Still, a bit too inconsistent for my liking. Lightweight as well. Mind you, half of his assists were corners, so that tells a story. Artist. With all the good and bad characteristics that come with it.

LST: 99 (+0) LW Antoine Griezmann* (12 G, 10 A) Due to his meta nature, I tried to challenge Griezmann as much as possible. I didn't upgrade his skill boost. Played him oop where his strengths would become weakness. Conclusion? He is good. Double figures for both goals and assists without taking any set pieces. Great runs in behind. Dropped deep as well (although that was an issue when there was no one in front of him). All in all, Griezmann took the challenge I presented him with, ate it up and asked for more. He proved to me he is more than just a meta winger for cross spamming. Hats off.

RST: 85 (+10) Nikolai Baden Frederiksen ( 13 G, 5 A) I think that being the top-scorer of a team, outscoring one of the meta players, which is 14 ovr better than you, is quite the achievement. And honestly, i can't express how happy I am with this guy. He didn't have the most amazing shooting (convert rate of approx. 60-70%). He didn't score bullet headers. And yet he scored 13 goals! His best traits were definitely work rate (he was everywhere, but made especially cute runs down the right) and his positioning. The Danish Jamie Vardy anyone?

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Standout performer: Meta or not, Griezmann is good. The best of this bunch, actually.

Pleasant surprise: Nikolai Baden Frederiksen. Not your average 85-rated striker. Zelarayan is also a good shot.

The disappointment: If I said Isco, it would be harsh. If I said Boye it would be unfair. Both?

Avoid at all costs: David Raya. His kicking and distribution were my main undoing.

Verdict: Well, off to a good start. This was a nice little team that managed to compete with teams with 15+ ovr. Not meant for cross spamming, may suit lob lovers, but if you decide to build such a team, just play around with it, it is more than capable.

H2H fans at start: 970,000

H2H fans after 25 games: 1,032,400


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