[Other][Tips]Let me try and solve the TOTS tokens issue for y’all. I’ll try and be as detailed as possible.

First of all we need to know how many total points we can get. And how we get them,

  • Daily Login= 1225
  • Pass= 400
  • League Path= 450(Main league) + 250 (Other leagues) =700
  • Milestones= 700
  • Specials= 700

Total = 3725

The tricky thing about all of this- is in the timing. The ultimate goal of spending these (I'm pretty sure is the same for all of you) is to maximize the tickets we get through completing the ticket milestones.

Two types of milestones:-

  1. Milestones for 1st 6 weeks, resets every week. 500 tickets for every 500 tokens you spend on the newest league reserves.
  2. Milestone for 7th week (UTOTS week). 500 tickets for 1000 tokens spent on any league.

To complete (1) we need 3000 tokens. To complete both (1) and (2) we need 4000 tokens. So (1) + (2) is not possible f2p.

But you can skip 1 week (of the 6 weeks) of (1) :- i.e: spend 2500 tokens on (1), and spend 1000 on (2).

So in short, here are the 2 options you all have:-

  • Spend 3000 <500 a week, every week (6 weeks) until UTOTS week>. Spend the excess 725 tokens on UTOTS week.
  • Spend 2500 <500 a week, every week EXCEPT 1 week (only 5 weeks)>. Spend 1225 tokens on UTOTS week.

Either way you will be getting the same number of tickets – (3000 tickets). So this will not affect your road to UTOTS players.

But there are a few differences in each path.

3000 tokens 1st 6 weeks

Your 500 tokens quota is achieved at the very end of the week.

  • Why? Because you need to wait till the daily login tokens to fill in, AND for the TOTS pass.
  • Due to the TOTS Pass timeline not having any Tokens from 7-18th node, you will be at a deficit of around 50 tokens at the end of PL week.
    • Unless:- Your main league is either PL or Community. You can recover that deficit from the main path.
    • If your main league is Laliga or beyond you will need to spend 1250 gems on 100 tokens.
  • No quick sells/claims. (1 or 2 maybe if your league is PL/ Community)
  • Need to buy players for TOTS Special. (Which will cost at least half a mil if you want to maximize your leaderboard awards). But getting 4000 points on the leaderboard is not hard. So if you don't care, then you won't need to do this.
  • You get to spend 500+725 on your favorite league= 1225 tokens

2500 tokens 5 weeks 1000 tokens UTOTS week

You will have at least 500 tokens at the start of every week (Except PL week- 450) if you skip Community week.

  • Why? Because you didn't spend 500 for the previous week and have 500 left. And this cycle continues on for all weeks.
  • You don't need to spend gems regardless of which league is your main league. The TOTS Pass timeline will not get in your way.
  • You can Quick sell/ Quick claim.
  • No need to buy players for TOTS special at all.
  • You get to spend 500+ 1225 on your favorite league (1725).


It's pretty clear that 2500 tokens 5 weeks, 1000 tokens UTOTS weeks is the better investment. Mainly because it helps you minimize costs for TOTS Special. And also spending 1725 on 1 league will give you a significantly higher chance at claiming a 98 reserve which will be worth very good money.

FYI:- I fucked up and Bought 3 of the community reserves already, So I will probably take the L and go with the 3000 tokens 6 weeks method. (Since I don't want to risk fucking up more and since my main league will be PL).

But, If your main league is not PL and you've fucked up like me, you can skip the PL week entirely (Instead of this week) and get back onto the 2500 tokens 5 weeks 1000 tokens UTOTS week method

Please feel free to point out any mistakes I've made in my calculations. Hope this clears any doubts you guys have.


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