players/ tactics to achieve your goals? Is it really essential?

I see this great community sharing plenty of useful advices and wanted to take the time to share my personal thinking on how some people could achieve higher divisions.

So, I’ve started to play FIFA this year after many years not playing because my job didn’t allow me to. Recently unemployed bought PS5 and dedicated recently plenty of hours to this game.

I even didn’t know what META was.. started to follow many Youtubers, gameplay of pros and so on looking for the best possible tips..

So my journey had ups and downs until I finally got into Div 1.. I’ve got there but due to my lack of consistent gameplay couldn’t keep there and went back to Div 3..

This was the time I was constantly looking for the perfect tactic..I’ve tried all the possible tactics.. including a lot of time on the called META 4/3/1/2, 4/4/2, 4-4-2 (2), 5/3/2.. different instructions, width, depth and so on.. result: A lot of frustration.. inconsistent gameplay..winning against strong opponents (higher SR) but also loosing with weaker players (based on SR).. very very inconsistent results..

I started to doubt of myself and if I could ever achieve Div 1.. until I released something: The best tactic is the one that you identify yourself with and fits your style of playing.

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I decided to follow a pattern of gameplay that became consistent and brought me back to Div 1 with better consistency..

So, my point here is to mention that I see many people asking for what tactic is most effective, what are the instructions and so on.. and the truth is that the best tactic is the one that you identify yourself with and fits your style of gameplay.. there’s something is somehow personal..

For me for example there’s no point of using a META tactic that gives privileges to play and attack more centralized when I prefer to create chances through the wings..

Currently using 4/2/3/1 and might not be the most META but is definitely the tactic that suits the way I play the most..

For me is really important to create chances using wings and so I like to play with tactics that have wingers..

Since then, I got my stability and consistency and keeping myself in Div 1 even though I’m facing great players (2200 and above)

My piece of advice is: find the tactic that most suits your gameplay style and don’t try to look for the best tactic or most META.. because might not suit your gameplay style so you won’t get the desired consistency..


Stick with what you believe is the way you play the best and gives you fun while playing.. exploit the weaknesses and strengths from that system and use it in your favor.. you will get there.

Other very important thing: Don’t rush your gameplay.. My goal is to quickly recover ball from my opponent and keep ball until I see new spaces and chances created.. requires patience but I think is something really helps to improve consistency… I face many players that are in constant rush to get the ball into theirs ST as soon as they get the ball possession.. might not be the best option

Again, this is just my opinion, and obviously each player will certainly find their own way.. but just thought this could be helpful



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