Prime Veron Review. Imo, he’s extremely slept on even though he makes a great box to box mid.

Alright. Some of you might be familiar with mcjell, but if not it doesn’t matter. It just means that I’m clearly biased in this review, but I’ll try to be objective—I promise.

Pace: 6.7/10 His weakest area for me. It’s not awful by any means, but I’m giving it a 6.7 bc almost every mid you face at this stage will be quicker than him.

Dribbling: 7.7/10 Probably his most surprising stat for me. He’s not great, but he’s good enough to wiggle out of situations with the left stick. I thought he was going to feel like a truck, and he does, but it’s more like a pickup truck than a massive box truck.

Shooting: 8.6/10 Oh. My. God. I’d say this was more surprising than the dribbling, but after watching some mcjell videos, it was expected. The finishing stat feels like an absolute lie. Maybe his long shots (93) and shot power (95) make up for the finishing, but I think it’s more than that. He can also hit really nice finesses all over the box—on his right foot of course.

Defense: 8.2/10 Again, better than I thought it would be, but nothing truly special. He’s better as a box to box mid than a DM; however, I use him in both roles. As TOTS keeps rolling, I think he’ll be forced to play CM more on my squad.

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Passing: 9.2/10 Easily his best attribute. I don’t think 9.2 passing is as big of a bonus as a 9.2 in other categories like shooting or dribbling. It’s still a huge plus to have, and Veron has it. He pings balls all over the pitch like he’s KDB—with a 3* weak foot though.

Physical: 8.1/10 This is the only slight, slight let down for me. I thought he’d be a bit more physical, but he still gets it done. I’ve just found it a tad difficult to hold LT and shrug off defenders while advancing the ball up the pitch. Defensively, the physical stats feel a little better imo.

Overall: 8.4/10 When I look at Veron’s stats, I see a 7-7.5 player. Doesn’t really fit the meta and is missing a few key stats (pace, finishing, agility, balance mostly), but when you get him on the pitch, his icon magic aura seems to be there.

He’s a little slow; however, he’s also a really, really fun player to use. I think the reason for that is his ability to hit shots from outside the box. We all know long shots have been toned down a lot compared to the last few years. Veron makes me feel like I’m playing ‘14 or ‘15 at times, and I love the card for that reason.

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Team info: I used him mostly in a 4222. Back line is FS Dalot, TOTS Ricardo Santos, TOTS Goldson, and NIF tavernier (ran out of coins—need like 35k for the SIF). Next to Veron is FB Paulinho. The CAMS are NIF Neymar and NIF Messi, with prime Shevchenko (coin purchase) and prime crespo (attacker upgrade unfortunately). Crespo and Sheva got me into FIFA ‘05 as a child, so when I got Crespo I figured I’d run it again.

Disclaimer: I am a g1-g2 player in d3-d4 when I use the main team. I’m currently in d5 after a run with the Brasilver squad lmao—not self relegation, I promise


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