Probably the 2nd best defender in the Premier League; Ndidi vs Gomez

Content of the article: "Probably the 2nd best defender in the Premier League; Ndidi vs Gomez"

First of all, this will be a long post. I'll post a conclusion at the bottom for people who CBA to read everything.

Chemistry (I have no idea if this is permanent or if it will change on release): the chemistry stats are changed a bit in FIFA 21, when I looked into it, different websites tell different stories. So this comparison will be without chem styles, however, you can imagine how they will be with a shadow or anchor chem style.

So who are the best defenders in the PL?
1st one is Van Dijk no questions asked. 2nd one, if the meta is like last year, could very well be Joe Gomez, BUT if you start out with a formation or a CB that can play CDM, you can put Ndidi on CB, and I dont think he will be that expensive (probably less than Sissoko). So I came to the conclusion that Ndidi might very well be, the 2nd best CB in the PL.

Let's take a look shall we?

Now it's fair to say Joe Gomez has some great stats, especially early game. He's also taller than Ndidi.
Let's compare the 2. (FUTbin compare tool isnt working for me atm).
Joe Gomez: 188cm | 6'2"
Ndidi: 183cm | 6'0"

I underlined the important stats and advantages one player has over the other.

Pace: Clearly Joe Gomez is the winner here. Also one of the reasons why he will be so expensive. Now only does he have great pace, he has quite tall too. Most of the time, pacey defenders aren't that tall. Ndidi is no slouch either. Especially if you checked other defenders and players in FIFA 21, loads of them received a pace downgrade. I'm pretty sure 71 pace will be acceptable in the first 1-2 months in the game (but if you play often you will most likely replace him for a more expensive CB with better pace by then).

Shooting: Not really relevant, maybe from a corner kick, and the ball lands in front of your CB, you might take a shot (even though passing is often the better choice). However Ndidi does have decent long shots and shot power. But still, you're not getting a CB for something such a situational moment.

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Passing: They are quite equal, no real winner there. Long passing on Ndidi is better but in the beginning of the game, you're not really going to do long passes with your CB anyway, safe short passing is the way to go. But still there are people who like to do long passes and Ndidi is a clear winner, also with better curve and vision (which is important for long passes).

Dribbling: Now this is interesting, let's not forget Joe Gomez has the height advantage. Ndidi has better agility and balance. In terms of stats it's not such a huge difference, however, since Ndidi's body is smaller, it will also move a bit better. But how the body animations of the 2 will turn out to be in FIFA 21 has to be seen.
Reactions is really important, you don't want your CB to react late to rebound for example. Ndidi is also the winner here with 4+ more points than Joe Gomez.
Ball control, Ndidi is the winner. It's not an essential stat but it's certainly nice to have. Also depends on your playstyle. But better ball control also leads to less mistakes.
The same can be said about dribbling. Still if your playstyle is to get rid of your ball asap to your midfielder, this stat isn't that important.
Composure, Ndidi is the winner. The higher the composure your player has, the less mistakes he makes when put under pressure. Which is crucial. Ndidi has 6 points more than Joe Gomez sitting on a solid 80. If you take a look at Klostermann for example, he has crazy stats for a starter squad, but his composure is really low, so he probably won't be that reliable for you. Still, for the beginning of the game Gomez's composure isn't horrible.

Defending: This is the juicy part. This is also the reason why you might want to put Ndidi on CB instead of an easier choice like Davison Sanchez.
Interceptions, Ndidi has a whopping 90!!!! 90!!!!. Who else has 90 interceptions? Virgil van Dijk. What about Joe Gomez? 84, not bad at all compared to other defenders.
Heading accuracy might be more important this FIFA but it will most likely not influence your choice on whether you want to get a certain CB or not, but Ndidi has the slight advantage here.
Defensive awareness is really important, it's the positioning of your defender, basically how well your player will mark the opponent. If he has low marking, he wont stick to the opponent's player. This is incredibly important, because the last thing you want is the opponent's player to dribble past you. It's also easier to steal the ball because with high def awareness, your defender will be clinging onto the opponent when they receive the ball (which is ideal for tackling and intercepting). Ndidi has 87, which is pretty amazing. There are expensive defender with good pace and high def awareness but if you take a look in the PL, the defenders with high def awareness are really slow. Joe Gomez's def awareness isn't bad though, 84 is decent.
Standing tackle, 89 on Ndidi, that's amazing really. It's really important for a CB to make good standing tackles, I don't have to explain why. 85 on Joe Gomez is decent.
Sliding tackle, 85 on Ndidi and 82 on Joe Gomez. I don't really use sliding tackles on my CB's in FIFA 20, it's too risky. But when TOTS came out, every CB had incredible stats so you can take more risks, but early game? I wouldn't advise it.
Ndidi is the clear winner overall when it comes to defending.

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Physical: Ndidi 90 jumping. Joe Gomez 76. This is a stat that you shouldn't underestimate in FIFA 21. Headers are back. Now it might not be the new meta, but goals WILL come from headers this time. So it is good that your defender can jump and win aerial battles.
Stamina, this is beautiful, 90 stamina on Ndidi, he can go the wholeeee game. Now stamina on CB's might not be that important since they generally dont have to run much, keep in mind that EVERY player with lower stamina can make more mistakes. So the higher, the safer! Joe Gomez has 74, which is fine imo.
Strength, Ndidi is lacking in this area, this is probably the only downside of him. 78 strength isn't the worst. You can put an anchor on him to boost it. If you go shadow chem, then Ndidi can be the guy to intercept everything instead of winning duels of strength (so pair him up with a stronger CB!). Joe Gomez has a decent 83.
And last but not least, the aggression. It's good to have a defender with high aggression. It will make him go for the ball faster, and make him more aggressive in duels, utilizing his strength faster. Ndidi has 87 aggression compared to Joe Gomez's 81 aggression.

Conclusion, who is the winner?:
Height: Joe Gomez
Pace: Joe Gomez
Shooting: Ndidi
Passing: Ndidi
Dribbling: Ndidi
Defending: Ndidi
Phyical: Ndidi
Overall: Ndidi


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