Qatar Couldn’t Protect their own country but to host World Cup???

Content of the article: "Qatar Couldn’t Protect their own country but to host World Cup???"

E Tendayi Achiume, UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance, visited Qatar from 21st November to 1st December 2019 at the invitation of the Doha government. The Special Rapporteur published a report in April 2020, highlighting structural racism facing minorities. Achiume met with civil society organizations, academics, and representatives of ethnic and religious minorities who have experienced racial abuse in Qatar, including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and women. It reveals the abuse facing migrant workers from Asia and Africa.

The UN Special Rapporteur reported unequal access and enjoyment of rights between Qataris and long-term migrant workers. She found racism also manifested itself practically, describing how African and Asian people face challenges in accessing public spaces such as shopping centers, for example, as opposed to Arab and white people. In June, 2020 Achiume submitted a full report on her visit to the Human Rights Council in June 2020, denouncing issues of workers, abuse, and exploitation. The United Nations has raised serious concerns about structural racial discrimination against non-nationals in World Cup host nation Qatar. The report also reveals that low-wage workers continue to suffer severe discrimination and exploitation, almost ten years after FIFA awarded the World Cup to Doha. For many people living in Qatar, the capacity to fully enjoy human rights depends on their nationality or national origin, said the UN's special rapporteur. She added that very few migrant workers ever qualify for permanent residency, and almost none achieve citizenship and the welfare benefits enjoyed by Qataris.

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Even Seven Decades have gone since the birth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and observing what it happens in Qatar, we have the distinct feeling that the world divides into two categories. On the one hand, those who defend human rights every day by taking direct risks, and on the other hand those who not only violate them but try to silence every voice of dissent. Good governance and human rights are closely related. They can mutually reinforce each other in different ways; both are concerned with the rule of law and with equity in the outcomes of government policies, and they overlap in specific areas. Human rights are also among the most important treaties that countries around the world have signed to do justice to all segments of society. But Qatar still oppress some minorities, whether they are immigrants or the working class.

The small Gulf nation allows double ethnicity however oppress women by not permitting them to pass identity to their youngsters on similar premise as men, disregarding global common liberties commitments. Qatar grants men to offer citizenship to their youngsters, while children of Qatari ladies and non-resident men can just apply for citizenship under restricted conditions. UN unique rapporteur met with nearby specialists, requesting them to allow programmed endorsements to offspring of Qatari ladies applying for identity, as a quick advance to altering its ethnicity law. Under the 2005 law on procurement of Qatari ethnicity, individuals who have lived in Qatar for over 25 years may apply for identity with need for those with Qatari moms, under explicit conditions. Notwithstanding, the administration has not reliably endorsed such applications. A few ladies conceived in Qatar to a Qatari mother and unfamiliar dad told that they have applied for Qatari ethnicity six years sooner however have never gotten notice of a choice.

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There are many countries that can host a lovely World Cup with two years’ notice, countries that have the infrastructure already built. There is still time. Then Why we should conduct World cup in Qatar??? This is a big DISAPPOINTMENT for Football lovers.


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