Ranking the top 10 CBs I’ve used so far.

I've always enjoyed playing with top tier CBs. Unlike the general consensus, I truly believe that having a gamechanging CB actually does make a massive difference to your gameplay and consequently, your results.

Thought it'd be fun to share the top 10 CBs I've used so far. I'm talking pure CBs so you won't find full backs here. Also, I'll only list the highest version of a card if I've used multiple versions of that player before.

Let's start.

10 – PIM Blanc

He's truly unique in the sense that he's so tall, yet he has decent agility and balance. Makes a lot of interceptions and excellent in 1v1 defending but can be burnt for pace because his body type makes him feel clunkier and slower than the stats suggest.

9 – PIM Vidic

An extremely aggressive defender and it's a joke how he just bodies attackers, CR7 included, off the ball like they're kids. Super strong tackles and has the pace to keep up with most attackers. Issue with him is he gives away a lot of fouls and penalties because he feels really clumsy, especially when inside the box.

8 – PIM Puyol

Probably the most value for coins card in this list. He is not as slow and clunky as his stats suggest due to his lack of height. His defensive positioning and pure defensive capabilities are one of the best in the game. You need to play him in a specific way to get the most out of him – never drag him up the pitch, keep your depth 5 or lower and you can forget about any Press or Pressure defensive styles.

7 – TOTY Ramos

He's Puyol, but faster and way more agile. Like Puyol, he doesn't just stick a foot into a tackle, he literally barges in and knocks attackers off the ball. He is a true ball playing defender who can carry the ball further up the pitch to start an attack. Fantastic scorer from corners too. Only thing I didn't like about him is his work rates. Often times I had to manually drag him back while I was getting my ass countered because he was sitting alongside my CMs.

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6 – PIM Ferdinand

The most disappointing entry on this list. Don't get me wrong, he's a top tier CB, but taking his market value into consideration (he's the most expensive on this list), I think he's not really worth it. You can really feel the difference his unique body type makes, he constantly wraps his long long legs around attackers and he's really fast. However, I find that he doesn't quite keep hold of the ball after winning it back, it constantly goes back to the attacker; not sure if it's due to how low-ish strength and aggression, or his body type.

5 – RTTF Varane (90 ovr)

What can I say about him? He's the king of AI blocks and this version is probably 3 times better at it than his gold card. Personally, I prefer to do more manual defending so I was under-utilising him, plus I couldn't get on with how clunky he is and the average passing ability. But I can appreciate how great he is if he fits your play style.

4 – Mid Maldini

The only high end CB whom I've not had the chance to try the Prime or PIM card, and it's not hard to see why. He truly feels like the Rolls Royce of CBs, super smooth, the cleanest tackles in the game and flawless positioning. And guess what? He has the pace to go with it too. Only problem with him is the low strength and aggression, but because of how good he is in the other areas, it's well compensated.

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3 – PIM Desailly

If Maldini is the Rolls Royce of CBs, then PIM Desailly is the monster truck. This guy is simply a flat track bully who's not only fast, but has insane physicals to intimidate attackers off the ball. Surprisingly, he doesn't feel as clunky as his stats show, in fact, he's really smooth for a CB who stands over 6 feet. Issue with him is the passing and his high aggression which causes a lot of fouls. Also, do note that his PIM has a High and Average body type compared to his other cards' High and Average+. I don't know what it means exactly but I thought his Prime felt a little smoother.

2 – TOTY Van Dijk

Combine all the positives of the 8 other CB cards you've just read into one player, and you will get this wall of a man. He has it all, really. Pace, passing, defending, physicals… and his ball control is great too. With this guy, your opponents will consciously make an effort to not even get anywhere within a 10-yard radius from him. And when they do, there's no way he will let them pass 9 out of 10 times. He scores from corners for fun, and his passing range is the best I've used so far, in any card. Immense player and worth every coin spent.

1 – PIM Cannavaro

Absolutely the most unique CB you can ever get in this game and to me, the best CB, hands down. He's way faster than his stats suggest due to his small frame, and coupled with his high agility and balance, he feels like Flashback Ribery on and off the ball. His recovery speed is unmatched, and like Maldini, he has super clean tackles and his positioning is just perfect. Despite being only 5'9", he wins most headers due to his crazy jumping and heading stats. The massive improvement this card has over his Prime card is that with this card, you should use a Catalyst chem style on him because his defensive stats are almost maxed out anyway, and it immediately fixes his weakest area – which is his passing. For the price, he's coin for coin the best ever in this game.

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Currently, I have PIM Cannavaro and TOTY Van Dijk as my CB pairing and honestly, they complement each other so perfectly, with their strengths covering for the other's weaknesses. And I think that is an important point to consider when building a backline – your CBs need to complement each other. I'd never use TOTY Van Dijk with PIM Desailly, same goes for PIM Cannavaro and TOTY Ramos, simply because they share similar strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure this will likely be my end game CBs unless I pack PIM Maldini (lol).

That's all I have today. I might do another top 10 for other positions if you guys are keen. Happy to answer questions!


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