Rant The problem of dev’s plan about f2p prime this season

Content of the article: "Rant The problem of dev’s plan about f2p prime this season"

Prime icon is the flagship and prestigious card of fm. Having it has another value no doubt. Besides it gives the most number(3) of category chemistry with anyone. Being it f2p has another value for players also with excitement.

Lets breakdown the format of f2p primes of last season:

Zanetti : overall capped vsa tournament with unlimited grind after claiming certain number of players Basten: same

Ronaldinho: no capped overall with vsa grind after claiming certain number of tokens Okocha: same

Maldini: technically it was not f2p but there was a node where among other rewards he was there with very very little chance of drop. I saw some people (3-4) got him in reddit and facebook. As they were f2p, i am including him. That event format mix of skill game+ vsa

Gullit: full h2h mode with certain cup milestone

So here it is last season most prime were either vsa or h2h based with two main mode of this game. People are used to this mode. So they enjoyed a lot.

Leta break down about this years format

Zidan : PvE WT, squad building required PvE, milestone of goals, lvl win and division rivals. Vsa or h2h is indirectly related. Besides u need at least 50 days to get him.

Nesta: full sbc format. No required vsa or h2h. This prime is directly related with market mode rather playing mode.

I have a feeling that devs consider sancho and hazard as other two prime. Yes by stat wise u can call them. They have end game stat but technically no. Cause they don't have icon chemistry. Just bcoz some card has good stat, it does not make prime. U can fit prime in any formation or chemistry. But can u do that to sancho or hazard if u have full epl team? But lets for argue sake, say them prime-esque card. So what was their format?

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Sancho- full sbc, directly related to ur reserve + market

Hazard- skill games + PvE match + sbc

So here are the problems of their plan.

  1. There are five basic modes of this game. First three are playing mode : vsa, h2h, PvE and two are strategic: sbc, squad building required PvE. Their all primes or prime esque cards are directly involved with strategic mode. Zidan is indirectly related with vsa / h2h only.

  2. They ignoring the main two basic mode vsa/h2h formation through which previous primes were given.

  3. Creativity and variety are ensured where u touch all types of format. Somehow this season they are bound by only sbc and PvE format.

  4. If u ignore vsa / h2h grind then, u are not ensuring variety, u r giving importance more on strategic mode than playing mode. Which is ofc monotonic and boring.

So the question is why can't they give vsa or h2h grind?

  1. For vsa, the mess up they did first is with chemistry. Lets say they give now a vsa grind with 100 overall cap. But what could be the chemistry cap? 120,170 or 270? If perks update comes will it be 300? Increasing chemistry was a mistake. It takes away the freedom of vsa guntlet or grinding event. Remember before first perks update we had three vsa guntlet events. But after that none.

  2. For h2h, the gameplay mechanics is pure broken. Its just sprint, cross and heading now. Grape error, network error is too much. All things should be modified.

So how to solve f2p prime problem-

Very easy, give them with every mode of this game to ensure variety with different milestones, challenging tasks.

  1. One or two prime through vsa grind
  2. One through h2h
  3. One through PvE like zidan
  4. One with sbc like nesta
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Prime should not be easy to get. Also so many prime card should not be given. But ofc there should be enjoyable way to claim them. Giving importance only with sbc is not a good idea. Hope devs and community managers will overlook this.

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