[Rant] The Top 5 most annoying things about Fifa Mobile and it’s subreddit this season

1 – Everyone in this reddit asking if they can get certain players given they have X amount points:

During the Freeze event and the TOTY, this reddit overflowed with questions from needy players asking if they can get so and so. From Prime Blanc to TOTY Allison, there were at least 5 questions a day about this during those goddamn. If you don't know if you will, then get a calculator, and do the math. It's not hard. Also, make a fucking plan at the beginning of the event, and based on how many daily points you will get, choose a suitable player that you can get

2 – Anyone who complains about DCL right now:

Was pretty nerfed in the beginning of the season, but now he's pretty average. If he keeps scoring against you, improve your defence, your star pass Alaba may be fast, but he's short and ineffective

3 – Anyone P2P who flexes their latest icon or highest rated card, that is easy to get and F2P:

Ok, well done. But if it's an easy grind, then who cares? I saw this a few times with TOTY Trent and TOTY Davies. Great cards don't get me wrong, and definite improvements to your team, but they weren't too hard to get, so there is no need to overly gass them up, as if they were THAT hard.

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4 – SBC event:

Kinda looking forward to it, as it was decent last year, and I liked the fact you could get team shirts from it, as well as a top player like that 98 LM Sancho. But was disappointed to see it not come this season. But anyways, at least we can do SBCs in events (even if they don't have the same sort of impact or effect).

5 – That new matchmaking feature added into events from this season:

LNY matchmaking was pain, as there where times where it wouldn't load into a game. The player's weren't great either and some weren't in their positions at all (89 Tielemans at CB wtf), but this has some mixed opinions, some of you may love it.

Give me some more things you hate from this season's FM and it's subreddit.


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