Sadio Mane 89 LW Player Review

Sadio Mane is the best player in the world. I don't do if, buts or maybe, I do absolutes. Y'know like, if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle, but she doesn't, so she's not. Do you know what I'm tryna' say?

All jokes aside, you NEED this Senegalese prince in your team.

Set-up: I start a 4-3-2-1, start him at LF with a Hawk. Switch to 4-1-2-1-2 (2) and have him on 'Get in behind'. Also played as the left striker.

Pace – His pace, boy oh boy does he live up to it. Lightening quick. Even in slow game play, the acceleration and sprit speed is always there. Never had an issue with it.

Dribbling – Fantastic. Don't get me wrong, there are better dribblers on the game but I believe this is to do with height. Mane is 5'10/5'11 but he makes up for it, in other ways (continue reading). Smaller players i.e. Messi/Dybala feel better on the ball, but that's down to a low centre of gravity. He's also agile, mean he's quick to exit skill moves and LS dribbling is a piece of cake with Mane.

Defending – N/A

Shooting – He's a bagsman. He will bag you all kinds of goals. Headers, volleys, outside the box, chip shots you name it. The man is a demon in front of the goal. Even with the OP goalkeepers, he's scored in around 90 games for me, 94 goals and around 45 assists. His runs are perfect. Always makes that darting run in behind. He's always there when I need him. Fantastic shot power too. If you know how to hit the top corner with a power shot when the keeper comes rushing out, you'll love him. On his weakfoot too, he's banged them in for me.

Passing – Not too bad, I don't usually pass with him, I'm too busy merkin' man with Mane. But, he can pass and he can cross, but I'm begging you, use him as a striker. He's wasted elsewhere.

Physical – Now this is why I love Mane. He has aggression and strength, with a hawk. I kid you not, he's actually rode tackles from the likes of Kimpembe and Kounde and gone on to score. Defenders can have trouble bodying him and pushing him off the ball. He's physical and well as pacey, which is a rare combination to find. And I'm not talking about pacey like Haaland who's like a Boeing 747 that needs to warm up his jets rather Mane's like a Buggati which goes from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds.

Now, a question that's very popular is Son or Mane? 100% Mane.

Son is good for the weakfoot for sure and the finesses were from another planet, but his dribbling is nowhere as swift as Mane's and his H/H workrate did affect him as he always seemed to be out of position even though I had the 'Stay Forward' instruction on him. I also for some reason could not seem to outpace a defender with Son. Since then I've sold Son and swapped him out for Dybala and haven't look back since, what-so-ever.

He's got a CAM ST inform, and there isn't much difference, but I'm hoping I can do decent this WL and get him.

If you guys liked this review, let me know. I'll be happy to review other players/position which I've tried.

Chris why you laughing for?! I'm being SHE-RIOUS!


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