SBCs, costs & comparisons. (*Long Read)

Unsure exactly how to structure this but I wanted to raise a few points against the context of the St Juste SBC and really get a discussion going where we can all look at some of these themes in a way some of us maybe haven't before.

Firstly, I've done the St Juste SBC- do I think its brilliant value or hes a faultless 'endgame' (cringe) card… nope. Was I bored of my backline and could fit him in on 10 chem due to club captain and mr dependable Ronnie Koeman (91)- yep. Ronnie plays mainly in midfield btw other than as a ball playing CB in a 3-5-2.. but I digress.

St Juste has flaws & is very reasonably argued to be a little overpriced, although cost compared to the other Birthday SBCs he isn't in my opinion (other than maybe Palacio).

It seems to me fairly obvious at this point EA are slowing the power creep down this year in comparison to last year (not in comparison to FIFAs before that). My personal view is a lot of the community have expected more Mbappe level players from last years Birthday event, unrealistic when considering the creep demonstrated throughout this year. He was also several million coins, although of course tradeable.

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Klaiber comparisons- Again, fairly obvious to me this particular SBC was an outlier, and basically a balls up. This card was too cheap and too good for the time it was realised. I completely agree this was due to EAs determination to screw investors on Dumfries as others have said. Kent was a similarly OP card last year although I think that was due to a combination of stats that EA didn't think through rather than any other reason.

As is often said, this game has a limited timespan, so forever waiting for a great value endgame card is depriving yourself of enjoyment now (let's not get into the gameplay not being enjoyable here, you get my meaning). When comparing this with the creep and waiting for the value to power outliers. You may find yourself basically forever waiting. It wouldn't surprise me if this year's TOTS are weaker comparibly to last seasons for the same creep based reasons.

A point to consider when considering 'value'. We are given the opportunity to obtain more 'fodder' by simply playing (again not looking to discuss stupid objectives here) than ever before. Therefore comparing costs to old FIFAs when fodder was much harder to obtain in whatever way is not a fair comparison.

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Have you done many of the party bags so far? You could have done so many squads for SBC players with those players. Its a little odd to me to scream 'too expensive' sat there with your 83 Podance and 82 Elvedi that cost you minimum 20 84s and 4 83s… not to mention the team of the week element.

I'm not seeking to defend EA, and everything I've said has been said before, but the echo chamber of hate on today's SBC motivated me to post.

My aforementioned 91 Koeman is still very dependable for me in Div 2 and achieving g2/g1 in weekend league. Most the community consider that card dead and unplayable. How many of you are truly the elite players for whom the perfect spread of stats and most completely META are absolutely essential?

Consider that perhaps EA are looking to provide a selection of cards to appeal to different groups within the community and not just you in your endless pursuit of the next rank, whichever it may be. Also consider did your last META upgrade really upgrade your rank? If it did, it was probably at least in part you improving as a player and not the card, now take that mentality into all you Fifa decisions and you might just have more fun with it.

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If you read all this, thanks for reading. No personal attack on any member of the subreddit intended.


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