Scripting Exists (and how to overcome it)

If you think that the only thing more stupid than scripting (also called DDA around here) is those who deny that it exists, this post is for you.

The reality is that the game is filled with a number of algorithms that "take over" your efforts and your team's quality at any given moment.

My theory is that a number of things can trigger the "script," which effectively can boost one team to God-level and make the other team's 93-rated squad useless for large portions of the game.

For example, kick off goals happen often because the algorithm sees that the team with the ball has 100% possession and thus they get boosted, making every pass connect more easily, player positioning improved to godlike status, and shots more likely to score. I believe a similar formula takes effect in the 44th and 89th minutes through injury time.

Unfortunately (I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS EA) scripting KILLS THE GAME and makes many people very miserable as there are moments when no matter how well you play, you simply can't get over the boosts/nerfing that the scripting is executing. We've all experienced playing with our god teams against silver teams, who when they string a few passes together suddenly become boosted and unstoppable, their 54-paced player suddenly running faster than your Mbappe.

THIS IS NOT FUN, EA!!! Certainly not for those of us who have worked to improve in the game and then have to fight against your completely predetermined manipulation that furthermore makes our hard-earned and valuable players useless.

So how do you overcome scripting?

There are certainly signs of when it is kicking in. Suddenly, your players are completely out of position all the time. None of your players comes to receive a pass. Your passes go completely astray. Your defenders can't tackle and recover the ball.

So far, from my limited experience, there are some things you can do.

For example, when you see that your players are out of position, passing badly, and generally playing like they ate cannabis edibles 2 hours before the match. PLAY SUPER SIMPLE. Remember the odds are against you. Passes to EASY targets, use geometry to get AWAY from the other team by dribbling carefully. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES, the other team is boosted and a risky pass that is intercepted will boost them more. Use your R1 and L1 to move players to better positions. Pass when you are facing a wide-open player. Trying to string some passes together, no matter how easy, will help to reset the DDA or scripting or whatever you want to call it.

In defense, you have to be very careful, as your nerfed defenders will easily give away the ball, make poor tackles, and bad passes. Take no chances! When in doubt, use the shoot button to boot it the hell out of there. You have to hang in there and just break up the other team's play. Remember that when they connect more passes, they are further boosted and you are further disabled by the scripting.

When attacking and trying to overcome scripting, I find that playing really SIMPLE possession for a few of the game minutes will help a lot. The more good passes you can connect, the more the scripting is reset. You have to be real careful here, as a bad pass will boost the other team and hinder your players. Face the players you are passing to, making sure they can receive it without a lot of pressure. When you get the sense that your players are returning to their normal selves, you can resume normal attacking play.

When scripting is in your favor, you have to take advantage of it. Your players will be boosted, so don't take any rushed shots or rushed passes. Play it simple, use the ball roll in front of goal, and look for the clear chances and be as clinical as possible (NOT RUSHED) when you shoot. If you score when scripting is in your favor, it will continue to boost you for a time, but if you miss too many opportunities (2-3) the boosting will no longer continue. Try to keep possession and not make any dumb or cheap giveaways.

It is very unfortunate that EA have made scripting such a prominent part of this game. In my opinion, it ruins it completely and has made it one of the most unsatisfying sports games ever. I think many play for lack of a better alternative. I have PES 20 and sadly it falls short in so many areas, from horrible interface and menus (you don't know what is even going on or where to go or what to do) to not being able to find anyone to play with (I have had it since April and have not been able to be matched a single time in MyClub… eventually I gave up).

Do any of you have any other advice for overcoming scripting/DDA in FIFA 20? I am interested to hear more…


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