Self-relegating in Division Rivals has never been more incentivized.

Content of the article: "Self-relegating in Division Rivals has never been more incentivized."

I thought I'd grind the Correa and Kounde RTTF objectives over the last couple of days, and I've never been more tempted to relegate myself in Division Rivals.

There's always been a case for relegating in Rivals in the past, due to the rewards on offer for different ranks at different divisions. However, I've never felt a desire to do this myself as I'm not really motivated by the rewards to play the game. My reasoning was that I never pack anything good anyway (like most people reading this) so why should I play Rivals for the packs alone? I also do consider it kind of unethical to self-relegate, as I don't want to stomp on players a few divisions below me who are actually at their level (not judging anyone who does self-relegate, just don't like the idea of doing it myself). I also like the idea of Rivals being a competitive mode, and a basis to see what level you're currently at and at what rate you're improving.

Shifting the focus to the Friendlies mode, which I think most of us feel has been a great addition to Fifa, the difficulty of this mode increases the higher you climb in Division Rivals (for those who don't know, it was previously confirmed by a dev that matchmaking in Friendlies is based on what your Division is in Rivals). Now this is not an anti-skill-based-matchmaking in Friendlies post – I don't have an issue with playing opponents who are at my level – I'm not asking for easier games. The issue is the temptation to self-relegate. I know that I'd get all the objectives done in half the time if I self-relegate in Rivals, and there wouldn't really be any cons to doing this. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with a system that incentivizes self-relegating in a competitive mode.

I'm not really sure the what the solution to this is. The issue with saying "just remove skill-based-matchmaking in Friendlies" is that it then makes it significantly harder for players in lower Divisions to complete the objectives. Perhaps then make the objectives easier to complete? But that doesn't really solve the issue – I wouldn't say they're difficult to complete now, just time-consumung. Does the issue then come back to the rewards structure in Rivals? If the game offered significantly better rewards for higher divisions, like most of us feel it should, then there would be a considerable downside to self-relegating. However you then have the issue that the better players are improving their teams at a quicker rate than other players – increasing the gap between lower ranked and higher ranked players.

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What are everyone's thoughts on this? Am I just seeing an issue where there isn't one, or is there an easy solution that I've missed?


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