Several Icons/players review.

I'm a 44 year old dude who likes to try out a lot of players every year. I spend some money because I'm old and have money to burn but give me a break.

Being young and being able to chain a dozen skill moves in a millisecond is just a better deal. I'm div 5 now. Anyway , since we got that out of the way here come the reviews.

De jong 87: H/M workrates, 87 rates, as good as he ever was, can't shoot though, well not like others can

Vieri 88: clunky boy, very effective in just standing there with your back to the defense and holding the ball, strength does matter in this way. You can't move much though since he has the agility of a tractor, so not really someone to just start dribbling in the box. You can either run for forward with defenders hanging of your back, or use his positioning to shoot at once when receiving a pass or cross. His heading is what you expect and his short passing is good enough, making him quite effective as a target man.

Shevchenko 88: Strong on the ball, his left stick dribbling animation is quite good even with the nerfed dribbling animations in fifa 22. His shooting makes the keeper problem go away, He has the finesse shot trait and the stats that go with it, even just plain long shots are quite effective. Aerial ability as well. His passing though, and low stamina. Low acceleration as well, but you can use his body to keep the ball, and he has high sprint speed. So he's not bad in making runs if you have some space.

Rush 89: He can shoot and is a good poacher, he suffers a lot from the left stick dribbling nerf. Didn't stay long in my team.

Baby Nedved: Good cam, LM, even striker, he's very quick , with engine he's very agile as well. Shooting is a lot better than you would expect with that 81 finishing, even with engine it's still good enough, but obviously it's not like with shevchenko. This is always a good card and this year it's no different.

Mané: You like pace, you'll like mane, just shoot hard, he's very bad with finesse in the box, but who isn't. His dribbling feels a lot more fluid than last year, even LS dribbling.

Guardiola 87: He's not bad, but he's worse than other years, his dribbling is worse, his defending as well but to a lesser extent.

Barnes 87: When you first released, you were such a nice card, we're still waiting. You're still fast, but you're clunky, and if I actually manage to get on goal on with you, you always leave me hanging. You cost too much for that to happen. I'm sure some skillfull people will find him good, not me though.

Overmars 88: You left a hole in my heart after fifa 18, oh how we ran past defenses like we were rabbits in a turtle race. He's still fast, and that 5 star wf, with hawk his shooting is quite good, and also deals with his low strength. You can long shot with this guy, and his finesse long shot is pretty good, not a bad card at all.

Raul 88: I don't know what they changed with this card but his dribbling and shooting is considerably improved. Even left stick dribbling. He feels fluid and clininical, also quick. I use him as a center forward and he's just amazing.

Baby Cruyff: For this price I didn't find this card all that interesting. You need to boost his shot power significantly to get proper shooting ( I mean to get to a level that actually justifies his price, and it's still isn't as good as shevchenko or raul for that matter). Finesse shots don't seem to be that good with that card either. He's good allround though, good dribbling, passing, even shooting in the box is quite ok, it's just not a knife through butter kinda thing. He's not excactly super quick either, even chiesa feels faster with hawk.

CR7 : Yeah he's good , what more do you want to know, best shooting I've seen up until now, good dribbling, pace is good enough. He's still a tall player though with low balance, so keep that in mind when if you ever buy him, maybe you want a quicker, more agile player. EA tax is still a thing.


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