Short Reviews of some really expensive players

Content of the article: "Short Reviews of some really expensive players"

After having some great pulls out of 12.000 Fifa points I bought at the start of the game and trading a lot, I managed to get my hands on some of the most expensive players in the game. I'm currently at about 1950 Skill Rating in Div 1. Here are some short reviews:

  1. Baby Pelé (bought 2,7 Mil, sold 3,5 Mil)

Amazing. As you would expect, he is insanely quick and agile and once he got in behind, noone is gonna catch up to him. His finishing with both feet was amazing. Due to his at least decent strength and great balance, defenders really had a hard time getting the ball off him even if I screwed up in offense. Second best player I tried so far.


  1. Mid Cruyff (bought: 3,1 Mil – sold: 4,2 Mil)

In previous Fifas I always went for Cruyff as soon as I managed to get the coins. He was just crazy good for me. This year I was quite disappointed. Didnt feel as agile and quick as Pelé and his finishing wasn't nearly as lethal. He felt like a player that sometimes bangs in a volley 40 yards away from the goal but doesn't manage to finish some easy chances. Still happy with the coins I made from getting him cheap and selling for a lot more.


  1. Neymar Jr. (bought: 1,18 Mil – sold: 1,22 Mil)

Pretty much what you expect when you get Neymar. He's as quick and agile as ever and still just seems to get more weird rebounds than any other player resulting in some crappy goals. His build up play and finishing were both really good. He obviously lacks strength.

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  1. Kylian Mbappé (bought: 1,38 Mil – sold: 1,47 Mil)

I Played him as a striker next to Neymar in a 4-4-2 and he simply didn't feel as good as the Brazilian. I expected him to be more explosive and agile and additionally he wasn't as clinical in front of goal as I expected. As all the content creators are loving him right now, I think that me disliking him is just personal aversion.


  1. Baby Eusebio (bought: 5 Mil, still have him)

My favourite player so far. Insanely quick, insanely agile, can't remember him missing a single chance in about 20 games so far. His 5 star weak foot makes him unpredictable, if you combine it with his R1/RB Dribbling, it seems nearly impossible to stop him. While other players, even really expensive ones, miss a chance here and there, Eusebio just doesn't. If you get into a good position with him, press shoot and prepare to skip the goal celebration.

His only downside is his physical but that seems kinda obvious on such a small and agile player.


Please excuse any spelling mistakes I made. I'm not a native speaker.

Cheers guys and good luck for the upcoming Weekend League.


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