some ideas i had for draft (kinda long post)

Content of the article: "some ideas i had for draft (kinda long post)"

some ideas for draft (long post ahead so grab your reading glasses)

• the possibility to be able to lose a game without getting eliminated. this is imo the most important thing in order to improve drafts. nothing sucks more than getting stomped in your first game after spending 15 minutes building a draft, getting chem but then finally losing to a player much better than you. it’s happened to me many times (being on both ends ofc). you should have this second chance during the first round, although i’m not sure about having it during every round (except the final) because maybe it’ll be too easy to win drafts.

• please give me the best version of a player. i understand giving me a 87 bale in the first weeks of the game as my captain, but PLEASE EA if Fut Bday bale exists do not give me the NIF. it’s so annoying to see a 94 messi pop when he has a 95, 96, and a 99.

• add the current sbc players in draft. let’s in 21 they release a flashback Kroos. they should allow him to be in drafts in order for the players to test them out before doing the sbc. ( ea have done this before, however i could see them potentially losing money on this so i doubt it’ll happen.)

• when i win a game, give me a chance to “steal” one of my opponents best cards. right now, winning a game in draft feels more relieving than it does good. personally when i come out of a tight game i don’t feel rewarded at all, i just feel relieved that it’s over. to remedy this, we should be able to chose a player on the losers side to add to our team. let’s say you have an 82 semedo and he’s your weak link and the guy you just beat has a PIM alberto, you should be able to nab his card to better your team. this way, even if you lose the draft, you’ll have the opportunity to try out new players, or players you didn’t have the chance drafting.

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• make winning the draft fucking profitable. i swear to god this is the most infuriating thing in fifa. the number of times i’ve won a draft and gotten fuck all really pisses me off. in 21 you should be at least getting the 15k if you win. AT LEAST. winning a draft isn’t easy and you should be compensated. idk how to fix this but i’m sure with the right packs, hell even a liquid coins (like 8k) per draft win would come a long way.

sorry for the long post, please let me know what you think lads. i’m happy to discuss and really open to criticism.


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