Something really weird happened 2 times in a row on PC?

Content of the article: "Something really weird happened 2 times in a row on PC?"

So usually I play without much lag or weird shit happening. However today I faced 2 teams. They seemed just normal teams with NIF BPL team. Anyways im drawing 1-1 and suddenly right as the opponent is about to take a CK the game lags and stops for about like a 0.5second. Then you could hear a weird “beep” sound. And all of a sudden I couldnt control my players at all. i tried pressing pause but it didnt work. I also checked my controller and it was still lit up and was connected. Whats even weirder was my opponent also was not moving at all. Very weird. The game just came to a halt. Even weirder is usually if u dont touch ur controller it will kick u for being afk but this time it didnt. Both teams didnt move aand at half time as the players were walking down the tunnel the screen just completely freezes but the fan chanting audio was still playing. After 10 minutes I was forced to Alt+F4. Luckily I didnt get a loss.

Next game I hop in and this time we make ir to half time. But in the 2nd half same thing happened again. Luckily I was winning 1-0 but I was afraid it would make me dnf. But whats even weirder was, after that weird “beep” sound I could in fact control the players of my enemy!!! wtf. It was bizarre. After 20 or so minutes pass and game was about to over to so I tried scoring an OG with my enemy and it worked!! I was leading 2-0. But again at the end of the game the screen froze as players were walking down the tunnel and I had to force quit. I hadnt got the win neither the loss. Game just didnt count.

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Anyways this was a really weird and bizarre and downright worrying bug. I never seen it before. Or perhaps it could be cheaters? But then what are the odds two different players would do it twice in a row?

Im just worried has anyone had the same issue?


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