Squad Battles highlights everything that’s wrong with FIFA 20

Content of the article: "Squad Battles highlights everything that’s wrong with FIFA 20"

Aside from disrespect online, I think playing squad battles is a perfect cross section of what's wrong with this game.

  1. The way difficulty is equated to tedium – In squad battles we see EA's answer to the question "what makes a player/team GOOD at football?". Clearly it's not their tactics, formations, playstyle or decision-making as there is pretty much no difference between Semi-Pro and Ultimate AI in any of these regards. The only difference is absolute cheese. Ultimate AI doesn't make better decisions, they only have their stats boosted and are granted priority over your players in 50-50 challenges and in processing your inputs.
  2. The way scoring is directly correlated with how much you abuse game mechanics – In terms of defensive AI, the only difference between difficulties is that the higher you go, the more limited you are in the variety of goals you are able to score. By ultimate you know that if you come within 2m of the AI's CBs you'll lose possession because your players will suddenly become incapable of dribbling, so the only way to score is to abuse the fact that the coding for tracking runs was poorly implemented and take advantage of the split second where your strikers are pulling back from a run while the CBs are still going.

These two points sum up pretty much everything that makes the game frustrating for me, even in online. I would honestly say that half of my non-WL games are fun, and I wish I could message other people (PC) to say nice goal or gg. But at least half are grid-locked sweat fests against god squads with each of us trying to score through the same gimmicky tactic every play, knowing that the OP defensive AI will shut down any other route, and are ultimately decided by the game itself in one or two moments where whoever's input was processed first ends up clear on goal.

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TDLR; FIFA 20 feels like you're playing against the game, not the opponent.


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