Story of a causal fifa player

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I have been playing fifa since 2006 but only as a casual. I would always just have few games here and there with my friends, never used any skill moves expect fake shot (Used to do shoot/pass fake shot too). Never knew what UT was before this year until one of the guys from work told me about it. While playing with my friends i would always smash them. Used to think i was a top fifa player.

So this year i joined the ultimate team, played my rivals placement matches and lost all of em. Being placed in division 9 hurt my ego and then i started loosing all my divison games as well and in no time i was at 0 skill rating. I made myself fell better by saying "Its cause my players are shit". Managed to qualify for fut champs somehow after 150 games or something like that. Played all 30 games and only got 3 wins. Again put the blame on my player and the gameplay.

Packed an icon after few weeks, sold him ( for 2.5mil ) and built a decent team. Bought pretty much all the good cards (Mbappe,dembele,varane etc). Even with those players I couldn't get past div 9. This was the moment when i accepted the fact that i was shit( Fuck man, did that hurt!). So i started looking up fifa tuts on youtube and realized that you need to play certain kind of football to win a game. I then started playing meta and its been like 2/3 months and now i'm consistently finishing gold 2 (gold 1 on a good day). I sure am a better player now than i was before but i don't enjoy the game as much as i used to. Feel like ultimate team has kinda run the game for me. Back when i didnt know all this meta and shiti used to play logical football now its just whats the most broken thing i can use.

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