Suggestion 10 problems of fifa mobile which should be fixed asap or next season

Content of the article: "Suggestion 10 problems of fifa mobile which should be fixed asap or next season"

I gonna cut to the chase. Recently rant/ complaint has been increased a lot. If u r unbiased, if u look closely, i don't think that all rant are illogical or heated mind rant. If u wanna improve u gotta find out the real problems. I gonna point out some real problems i faced throughout my fm playing experience for two years. If u are unbiased and think constructive criticism is good for improving lets talk about it.

Lets point out the problems:

  1. Server Situation : Fm server should be fixed asap. Every event launch day it crashes or becomes laggy. Now and then it creates server connection error. No matter u f2p or p2p, it affects both. So fix this server issue asap.

  2. Automated bot for banning cheaters: i donno if there any existence of auto bot system in fm to trace modded app / hackers. There should be installed one to find hackers. Recently in wt event, players with more than required chemistry problem would not happen if there is any automated bot to identify both overall and chemistry. Right now if ur overall is more than required limit, play option will be freeze. Why not add another filter to limit the chemistry?

  3. Limited overall and chemistry : Overall training to 110 and chemistry more than 120 should be canceled. If chemistry was limited to 120, there are so many benefit. Like if it is fixed u can do frequent guntlet events / vsa unlimited tourney / wt kinda event without any hassle. Also limited chemistry gives balanced ground for all. Overall training to 110 is also not realistic. Training to 100 gives a console vibe , also 100 is a benchmark of excellence in all respect. 110 makes a ridiculous number tbh. U can still earn money from p2ps with primes or efficient cards instead 110 system, EA.

  4. Collect all button : This has been talked a lot. Collect all button from skill games rewards pack or market sold notification is a hassle free option. Why not it is implemented yet? Good qstn tbh.

  5. Specific play again / not play again case: If u design skill games like tots / th, u should add play again option from start. But if u don’t want players to play skill games repeatedly, then make it a skill games chain format like in Top transfer, bundes rival this season. Ranting for this silly mistake is funny. Devs should be aware of this from start of design.

  6. Events Variety : This season " working from home" thing has been an excuse for giving copy pasted events. But if u plan ur season wide variant rather handy capped system, this is not tough to give creative events. Like i said before if they keep limited chemistry, it was so easy to give vsa tourney. But as they increased, they even though want, it has become tough.

  7. Prime icons : Prime icon cards should not be easily gettable. Also giving a PI card does not solve the above mentioned problems. F2ps should get limited number of PI cards in a season. IMO 3-4 at most. But when they are given, their claimable format should be interesting and exciting.

  8. Rewards gradually increasing : When rewards are given in events, the amount should be gradually increasing. At first event of the season, u can give 50k coin for a pve match. But at this point of the season, when u give 50k coin for a pve match it is low too much. Rewards amount should be increased with the flow of season.

  9. Icon issue : Icon cards are not current players , they r retired players. Main point of using them to play past favourite players. So they should be tradable. If anyone starts game this month, if he is lampard / kaka / raul fan, no way he can use his favourite icon. If the main point is not gonna be able to kept, what's point of icon cards? The reason of they r non tradable, cause of nesta. In that case whole planning should be thought first. What consequences may affect if this plan is executed.

  10. Communication to players: Right now fm has three big community twitter, reddit and discord. Even though devs post in three places but somehow reddit or twitter kind of ignored imo. Ofc there are some internet freaks everywhere who always try to bully or use slang. But u can't stop ur good work for them. Everyday brilliant ideas are posted in reddit still most of them do not get any reply from antwan or torb. They only reply if any queries are asked which they like. This should be fixed. As a community manager, they should take brilliant ideas and suggestions from forums reddit, twitter or discord regardless of he is f2p or p2p. Being p2p does not mean, he has right to give ideas only. Same as being f2p does not mean u have to use slang or have right to get prime icons every event. Comm. Manager should give importance to brilliant and good ideas posted in reddit regardless of who he is. If anyone uses slang or tries to bully just ignore and block. Devs should give comment in good posts like they do in discord, regularly.

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Along these 10 points, i can also add like fast pack opening / time management about delaying / h2h gameplay etc. What do u think? Share yours.

I just hope devs at least it is high time u ignored good ideas already. May b this is time, u comment and give update about players given ideas. I did not finish s3, may quit s4 soon. But before at least, u give emphasis both on p2ps and f2ps. Otherwise this game will loose free players and get centralized with some players only. Which will eventually extincts the game.


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