Suggestion Market Investment Guidelines for newbies

If u play fm regularly then u face two things already. Regular need of coin and investment temptation. Those who r market pros, knows game stuff, they have nothing to worry. But those who r newbie, they obviously look for guidelines. This post is for u. But dont expect any cheap cheat code to make u whale suddenly. Investment is a lengthy, perseverance process. Success depends on u solely along with luck. I will point out some basic tips which will give u some ideas. U can save the post if u want.

Basic theory: Fm market is a bot governed market. Here u buy player listed by bot and sell players to bot. Bot buys the least price given by the players and list the card in bid price in market. So it is controlled by bot. No player can see ur listed cards to bot. U also can not buy card from a player. When players buy a card too much bot increases its price same as when a card gets sold by lots of players bot decreases it price. So supply-demand governs the card price here.

Lets move on to guidelines for newbies. Assuming u r 100% f2p (no sp). All guidelines based on stable market condition.

  1. When u play an event try to claim the highest rated f2p claimable card. This will give u an opportunity to make good amount coins. U can use it to team, make seed money for invest. Always try to claim that highest claimable card.

  2. When event is going on try to judge card which can be good demand in future based on stats, gameplay. For example lets say 95 rated cb card came which is great at defense, heading and there are few cards comparing to him. So there is a chance his price will increase.

  3. Pack based card which are p2p, have normally high tendency to increase price with high rating considered. Lets say a p2p pack card came which is 3m price. Good chance he can be 4-5m in a stable market.

  4. Good stats based gk, defenders have higher value.

  5. Try to learn quick sell method. Lets say an event is like if u play 15-20 skill games quickly, u can claim a card from wheel chapter kinda thing. Then try to claim and quick sell. Luckily u may get high rated cards which can give u 4-5m. Even elite cards can give u 700-800k if u claim quickly. Don't undercut too much.

  6. One of the biggest opportunity of invest is sbc. Season 4 sbc was league based. In icon every league was featured. People had to guess next leagues and buy in cheap. Then sell at higher price. In season 5, what will be the format we have to wait to see. But obviously there will be way to make invest.

  7. Brand value cards like toty, tots starter, utoty, utots normally have higher price increase rate. Obviously at a point the fall like during market crash. But in stable market condition, they are super pricey cards.

  8. Chain pack defenders, gk are good invest if u can buy at cheap. I bought areola at 9m and sold him for 15m one week later. This type of invest is risk cause u need to judge the price. If u can correctly, it can give u good profit.

  9. In llr, bundes rival events of s4, la liga, bundes teams building needed for event. So big teams silver cards can be good option for this kinda invest.

  10. When bulk master cards come, buying them at lower price in reset time and selling them 100-150k higher is a good short invest.

  11. Moreover good gameplay cards are always a good source of invest. But u need to accept the risk of it.

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Lastly invest is always a risk. Don't do it unless u r confident. More importantly don't loose coins on manipulation or internet Strangers advice. They may say u for their own manipulation. Judge ur own, believe ur own judgement. Practice on lower cards. Then do it higher.

Investment on fm is a big risk if u don't know the game. Price depends on supply – demand theory. Buying cards bulk won't bring profit always. Don't loose coins unnecessary. Look out, learn from market and believe in urself.

Good luck amigos. Hope next season will be better. Cards will be more beautiful. Stay happy and take care.


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