Summer Heat 2 may Hurt the Value of These Players

Following up on my post about Summer Heat 1 Base Cards

Here are some cards to consider selling before we get Summer Heat 2

Most probably in Summer Heat 2 we will see a selection from

For the IFs I've made a list of all the players who can be and MIGHT be included with an indication of the potential for loss, happy to take your opinions on these.

In Summer Heat 1 is was about one in four IFs that were selected, with a range of ratings used. It cuts their price drastically, so look to sell any now from weeks 17-32 if you are still holding them. Note there are risks with selling if other factors forcing prices up come into play, like SBC demand or association with new items as playmates. But on balance selling is a good option for most of these.

Timing and price is up to you

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Some examples from Summer Heat 1

  • Stable

  • Painful

  • Totally Tragic!

Notice they all get worse as time passes so panic selling the super stars on day 1 of Summer Heat 2 is also an option.


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