The 30 game limit in rivals is a huge problem, and here’s why.

Content of the article: "The 30 game limit in rivals is a huge problem, and here’s why."

I am currently a Division 1 player, at 1937 skill rating. That's about the highest I've been, but haven't yet come close to dropping into D2. I typically lose a couple, win a couple, draw one, win one – so on and so forth.

I am not good enough to regularly compete with players at 2k + rating. I am too good for the players at 1800-1850 rating. Therefore I will pretty much always stay at this low D1 level. Absolutely no problem with that – that's my skill level and that's fine.

The problem comes when you start limiting how much I can grind my rank. I will never get D1 rank 1 with the current system, because I don't win enough games in D1. For reference, I have played 24 games this week. I have 12k points and am at rank 3. Rank 2 is 13600 currently. Rank 1 is currently 16300.

Let's say I get Rank 2 this week. Here are my reward choices;

  • Option 1: 55,000 Coins.
  • Option 2: 2x Rare Mega Packs
  • Option 3: 4x Rare Mega Pack (Untradeable)

Let's compare that with Division 4, Rank 1…

  • Option 1: 65,000 Coins.
  • Option 2: 1x Rare Players Pack, 1x Prime Gold Players Pack, 1x Mega Pack.
  • Option 3: 2x Rare Players Pack (Untradeable), 2x Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable), 2x Mega Pack (Untradeable)

More coins, better packs for getting rank 1, 3 whole divisions below. Where is my incentive to stay in Division 1 for next week? Why shouldn't I finish my 30 games this week, and then demote myself to D4 for next week, where I can cruise to rank 1 without breaking a sweat?

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Rewards need to be seriously buffed for the higher divisions, otherwise we're going to see self-relegating even more than last year.

That's without even mentioning the impact of rage quits. If someone quits while the game is tied, you get a token 300 points, when you could've trebled that from winning the game. If you're comfortably beating a guy 2-0 after 10 mins, and they quit, you lose your chance at another 270 points for more goals. There are just so many flaws with the new system.

I'm sure some of you won't agree and will see this as a higher ranked player bitching, but why should I sit through 30 games against some of the best players on the game, only to get less rewards than I could just by smashing people who aren't as good as me?

Also, unconfirmed, but I have a feeling that Live FUT friendlies has skill-based matchmaking. Every single one I've played has felt like a Division 1 match. If that's the case, again, why would I want to stay in Division 1?


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