The 5 types of WL opponents

Content of the article: "The 5 types of WL opponents"

  1. The skiller – will skill every time a player receives the ball. At least one ball roll / player is mandatory. Difficulty rating 6,5/10. High danger of falling asleep when he does another step over in his own half.

If opponent has Mbappe and Neymar difficulty goes up to 8,5/10 because they'll just glitch through you.

  1. The possession hoarder ("I'm playing tiki taka, mate") -4231, won't skill, if he skills then only going backwards. Will play 700 passes around your box and then get mad at the auto blocks and accusing you of playing drop back. Most passes are safe backwards.

Difficulty rating 9/10. Personally can't deal with them. It's so annoying hopelessly chasing the ball. And after a while when I really can't be bothered anymore or the game decides it, there will open up a gap. Once you're down it just gets more frustrating

  1. Through ball, through ball, through ball.

Opponent wins the ball and immediately launches a through ball. No gap open? Doesn't matter – through ball and sometimes they find their target. Will skill a bit on the wing and then cut back for the easy goal.

Difficulty 6/10. Most of the time, his through balls won't come off but there's the odd game where you can't defend him and have no idea why.

  1. "Please let him be a trader"
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Only happens 1-2 times per weekend but it happens. The loading screen pops up – and there they are. No, I'm not speaking of Neymar and Mbappe – this guy's team is a different gravy. Eusebio, CR7, Gullit, one top defensive Icon etc etc. We're talking 5 million + here.

There's now 2 ways how this game can go: either you're facing a trader and it will be a fun match up or this guy is an elite player and you will get stomped.

Difficulty trader 5/10. Difficulty elite 10/10

  1. The red sea – Dude is starting at least 3 reds. They're all high rated and meta. Mendy and Varane are still in defense. Dude's playing a lot of FIFA and you can feel it.

Difficulty 9/10.

And no matter who you face, if there's a Cruyff involved, you have already lost.


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