The false-9 has quickly became my favorite formation

Hey everyone,

I’ve spent most fifas in the 4312 formation, it’s always had the structure I like. And this fifa was no different. However about a month ago I don’t know if an update messed me up or what but I was unable to get wins in divisions. Dropped from the 2100s skill rating all the way to the 1500s. I knew I needed to change but wingers always felt like they got lost and 3 atb just leak easy goals when I use it. The false-9 has brought me back up to the 1900s and I should be back in D1 by the end of the week.

I knew I wanted to break from the typical meta formations and since I was inspired by Messi under pep I switched to the 433-5. It has revolutionized the creativity of my play. So I quickly wanted to breakdown it’s strengths and my team so anyone that wants to try it, can.

Strengths of False 9: -Always multiple passing options -organic build up -strong defensive structure -CMs heavily involved in attack -Opposing defense is stretched wide (probably the biggest strength) -A lot of interceptions with no need for pressure after possession loss or overload ball side, my players honestly don’t even need to sub out with all the stamina they have left

Weaknesses of False 9: -Wingers aren’t involved as much as central players (but trust me this doesn’t stop goals, I average over 4 goals a game with this formation), they will often have around 10 dribbles and completed passes for me whereas the CF and CMs will have 30+ passes and 20+ dribbles -CF can feel alone with the CBs, but if you hold up play for just a moment everyone will arrive.

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My Team: I start in the 4312 for chemistry then switch to false 9, my team is as follows GK-Courtois LB-Sambia fut birthday LCB-Varane RCB-Prime Ferdinand RB-Taverneir Headliners CDM-PIM Makelele LCM- Bernardeschi FUT Birthday RCM- Special SBC Rooney LW-Mbappe CF-TOTGS Gomez RW- Special SBC Dybala

Specific player types: Now I truly believe you can set whoever you want anywhere, but there are just a few traits that felt desirable per position when I played so I figured I’d note those.

LW/RW-Fast and creative. Decent passing is a must since they can slot in through balls across the back line to the CF or other wing, but great passing like Dybala really increases the threat.

CF-a little cam that can shoot. Dybala or gomez are great, I used stoichkov and he was good but didn’t compare to gomez. Obviously Messi would be perfect here, if I had him that’s where I’d put him every time.

CMs- Attacking strength. Decent defense is required, but honestly Rooney and Betnardechi have enough defense to hold this spot down. Just make sure they have the ability to get forward and score for you or you won’t be successful in this formation.

CDM-Little guys who cut passes work best for me, like Kante and Makelele, but I bet box to box players would work to and sometimes you even see this guy in the box so use who you like, I just prefer the no nonsense intercepter here.

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Defense-Whoever stops you from conceding. I like outside backs that can attack because they can get brought up to the play, but really whatever floats your boat here.

How to play with the formation: There are a lot of potential play styles with this formation, and although IRL it is a possession heavy formation you do not need to play only possession. Similarly, your player instructions don’t seem to matter as long as it fits your bill. I have everyone on their standard except LW and RW are both on cut in and get in behind so they are more goal scoring threats. If you want the rest of my specific team info lmk and I’ll look it up, but I think this formation is really versatile. It has been insane to see how much creativity you’re allowed since the CMs get so involved with the attack, using them and the CF as a triangle allows so many different movements for the other players it’s impossible not to score. I really recommend holding the play up with the CF, then playing a cm forward with a through ball to come up, from there you should be able to play your outside back or winger, CM, CDM or CF and not feel rushed. All this extra movement really pulls the defense in every which direction and it makes them struggle to mark everyone. I’ve gotten plenty of 35 meter through balls to Mbappe and Dybala because of this.

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Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any questions I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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