The “rivals” part of division rivals is the flaw.

Content of the article: "The “rivals” part of division rivals is the flaw."

This may be long but I'll try a tldr at the end. I'll try to format it alright but I'm on mobile so go easy on me.

1. Relegation waterfall

As with last year, it looks like division 4 is going to be home to the div 1 players due to the best rewards for time and effort. This kinda makes div 4= div 1 so people that should be div 4 will end up as low as div 6 as deranking becomes more popular. This is bad for everyone, div 4 will be just as sweaty as div 1 currently is so these people are gonna have much of the same problem. People are going to be pushed down divisions which is gonna screw them over too.

It looks like objectives might (should imo) be limited to the friendly mode due to it being able to properly limit your squad for the objective (big W imo), however this also has sbmm based on your rivals division. This means people will still relegate for objectives even though it's a different mode.

2. Rivals limit and every game matters

Rivals itself is sweaty because of the 30 game limit now, every game matters just like champs, you can't just shake off a loss by thinking "I'll win the next one" when you've just lost your 30th game of the week. This again promotes deranking because people don't want to sweat a game. If everyone is sweating it out using op tactics then people will want to play against the people not using those tactics or who simply are not good because playing at your peak in every game is simply not fun. There are many arguments about smurfs and pub stomping in regards to sbmm but it's completely disregarded that people just want random games at times. it's fun to smash someone once in a while yea but without sbmm you can also be on the receiving end of that smashing. It's a price people are willing to pay not to always have to play ultra competitive.

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3. The problem

All of this stems from the migration from traditional divisions to division rivals and weekly rewards. In most games, you either gain progression through skill or time (or both), those who are not as skilled can gain the same progression as those who are by putting in more time. Say 10k for winning div 2 and 15k for winning div 1 in old divisions. A great player playing 20 games winning alot will get 30k, the div 2 player may be completely outmatched and for argument's sake let's say relegation is 5k and 5 losses does it. The div 2 player wins div 2 twice for that 30k but it takes 30 games instead of 20 with the winning and relegating taken into account. This allowed players who weren't as skilled to keep up with those who were by putting in the time.

There isn't really a casual game mode anymore and the game modes that actually reward you are extremely important as every loss counts and is a setback to your entire week of rewards whereas in the old system a loss was a setback to the current set of 10 games you were in. Not only has this made every game a must win, it also promotes the op tactics copied from your favourite pro or youtuber because you need to win. The players can't be blamed for abusing these tactics because they're risking screwing up the whole week of FIFA by not using them.

4. weekly rewards (aka the problem part 2)

Weekly rewards from rivals as opposed to instant rewards in divisions is the biggest middle finger that ea ever showed us and we just bent over and showed them where they can put it. It is 100% a FIFA points decision and that's the bottom line. Rewards for playing FIFA are limited to monday and Thursday for offline and online play respectively. Desirable sbcs often expire on the wrong side of these windows in an effort to prompt you to buy FIFA points. If I'm 80k short of an SBC on Monday it expires on Wednesday, even if i play 100 games in that timeframe it will not help with completing the SBC (match coins are irrelevant as they exist in both systems) and it also won't even improve the rewards I get on Thursday. Even without the 30 game cap there was a cap regardless on the rewards you'd obtain.

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Alot of the toxic culture on fifa nowadays is bred from the ultra competitive, must win nature of the game. FIFA really wasn't all that toxic before champs became a thing and with rivals being champs 2.0 the toxicity just kept increasing. Even now you can see people watching their celebration pan around the stadium but if you press x to skip your celebration but not the replay you'll notice they've been spamming x to skip it which defeats any argument of "I use that time to take a drink etc"(which btw makes me think FIFA players are the most hydrated people on the planet). But this toxicity seems to come from getting annoyed by losses and the opponent seemingly rubbing it in as they screw over your rewards that week by simply looking to improve their own. I think this is a byproduct of everything being weekly as losses are much more detrimental.

the solution

Scrap rivals and go back to regular divisions. The higher divisions were simply more rewarding for less games. You still had people deranking but it was tedious and took much longer for lesser rewards. Deranking would not really be worth it, losses would not be as big of an upset as they can be made up for. People would be rewarded both for playing more and playing better. Coins can be grinded through gameplay at any time, not just Thursday.

I'm probably missing some things, wrong on others, if anyone has anything to add I'll edit in the comment to the post here:

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additional comments from others

/u/timsadiq13 : buff div 1 and div 2 rank 1/2 rewards so lower divisions are less worth (div 4 currently best reward/time/effort ratio) and introduce punishments for obvious self relegation.


rivals being a weekly rewarded mode with poorly distributed rewards is the problem. The problem exists to sell FIFA points as many of the issues with this system were introduced by this system, the old system of divisions did not have half the flaws of the new one.


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