The sad truth about EA Sports’ FIFA 20

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Ok so I’m not one for going on a mad rant in November because I can’t win playing 4-4-2 with a league 2 side against a Serie A team including Ronaldo etc. I like to take my time and wait for the patches to come out so I can see the finished game. I’m sure there will be people out there who disagree and enjoy the game whilst others are chomping at the bit for 2021 but for me it is so lacking in certain positions that they just have to do better in 21 for it to be any use whatsoever. At the minute, there’s an ever growing chance I may change over to PES and see what that’s like, although I’ve seen plenty of posts moaning about that this year too.

The game is now, more than ever, ruled by one attribute, pace. I know lots come under there, but to line up against a team with Upamecano and Varane in it on ultimate team speaks volumes. You can try to use Lewandowski and Kane type players as a sole target man, but until the player of the season etc awards are handed out, you’re stuck with basic bitch level players who will be destroyed by someone with pace at the back. Even when those cards come, the quick centre halves also get upgraded and remain just plain quicker. I’ve just witnessed a striker with 99 pace (transfer Werner) get outpaced by the bog standard Varane card. I’m not saying Varane isn’t a good quick defender, but if these cards are meant to be better, then that speaks volumes about the skewing of those stats. There are defenders out there not blessed with pace who are very good, like Harry Maguire and Mads Hummels who are let down by this game.

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Crossing has been completely ruined. I can score an occasional corner, but my wingers in all game modes will quite happily just lob a cross into a keeper’s arms or behind a striker. Considering a lot of goals are scored from set pieces crossing the ball into the box and from crosses and cutbacks in normal play in real life, they’ve skewed this completely. Not to mention that if a striker does somehow miraculously get his head to it, it has been nerfed so badly that he’ll only get the header on target 50% of the time. I shouldn’t have 5 goals in the last weekend league direct from corners and 0 headers from any set pieces.

Referees, my god referees… where to start. There is no consistency. I can hack someone on the half way line and get a red with covering players, or i can make the same challenge with them clean through on goal and either just get a yellow or sometimes not even that. This is the single biggest cause of frustration. If a defender/keeper controlled by AI goes through a player to get the ball, the ref never blows up, if I win the ball and there is a clash of knees, foul, yellow card.

Momentum… “it doesn’t exist” they can scream at the top of their lungs. I’m inclined to agree, it doesn’t. I’ve come to the conclusion that the game has already decided who is winning the game before it has even kicked off. I played an online game earlier today and lost 6-4. My players wouldn’t pass to eachother 5 yards apart, every rebound popped to his players feet etc, nothing fell for me. I just got off another online game, 7-2 to me, I was 5-0 up at half time and his Sergio Ramos was just awful. Rather than just allowing players to naturally migrate to their levels, EA have managed to manufacture it that they have players who are too good for the other players against eachother and have created a system whereby the game tries to make it harder/easier for one of the teams to play. It’s not too hard to overcome if you’re a good player, but having your AI stand still for the first 10 seconds after the opponents kick off is idiotic. I know how to stop it now, (kick their player hard and fast in the centre circle) but I come up against players who try it all the time and I’m capable of doing it myself, but it just doesn’t feel like football.

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Therein lies the crutch of the situation. FIFA can not decide if it wants to be a simulation or an arcade game. On one hand, keep it arcade like and have high scoring contests, on another, actually make the tactics you use (not drop back and fast build up that 99% of the people use in the game) mean something without having to delve into it. Just make up your mind which you want it to be EA and stick to your principles.


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