The secret to OP/Meta players this year

Content of the article: "The secret to OP/Meta players this year"

Normally I'm not all about the whole 'PL players are OP' thing or players have 'hidden stats', and very often I compare body types to see if that explains why some players have more dominant tackling than others or feel much nicer on the ball. Futbin for example has 'High and average' which is what VVD and Gomez had last year, it's why they felt so similarly OP (favorable body type for defenders in terms of tackling) Or High and Average+ which actually means the players is a lot more lean and tall, like Varane, and makes them feel much nicer to manuever with.

But those are 'generic' body types, apart from like 6 players like Neymar, Messi, CR7, Shaqiri etc, no one had a custom body type in FIFA 20 and years before.

This year I noticed something weird which explains for me why Varane and Joe Gomez are even more cracked and PL players are generally pretty broken (La Liga too). This year there are about 300 CUSTOM BODY TYPES.

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YES 300.

Most of them come from the PL and La Liga. Bundesliga has some as well. I have a feeling this had to do with the 'player ID' thing they advertized meaning players that are world class in real life get a more special treatment. How did i find this out?

On Futbin it'll strangely say 'N/A' for most of the good players you go to while some of the lower rated ones still have the generic 'lean' or 'average'. When you go to and you go to those higher rated players you'll notice it says PLAYER_BODY_TYPE and then a number. You copy and paste that into google and you'll find only 1 player on the entire site (and thus, game) has that body type.

Why is this important, why did you just write on essay on f-ing body types?

It means that we now 100% know a lot of players have gotten individual treatment meaning it could explain why some players just feel absolutely cracked now. It's no longer just Neymar or Messi, but a lot of players now that we can explain why they play 'above their stats'.

From now on, I might actually select players based on this. Especially defenders.

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TLDR: N/A on Futbin means a custom body type, so they have gotten custom treatment. Explains some of the OP players this year.


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