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I’m aware everything that needs to be said about fifa 20 has already been said but I am beyond fed up. As a fut founder I know the importance of fifa in my life. Most of us can’t explain why we love this game but we do because it’s so much more to us than just a game to us.

At the start of fifa I realized it was gonna be another terrible game but I didn’t think fifa couldn’t have gotten any worse than fifa 19 so I was somewhat hopeful. At the start 20 was a somewhat enjoyable game and me and my friends enjoyed playing each other and grinding the game.

I was worried about the future of fifa 20 because after the start of fifa probably around November and December’s we started hearing the term “meta” being used more. Now every fifa game has a meta so it was nothing new to me but I cant ever remember a fifa where 4 out of 5 games someone will have practically the same team as you. I think the addition of 82 Kent 86 atal and 86 Diego Carlos where some of the first cards that pushed that extreme meta idea in each position.

As of recently fifa has been absolute hell for me and I know I’m not the only one. The gameplay has never been worse in the history of the entire franchise.

Attacking For me attacking is so hit or miss. You either get lucky and have somewhat decent gameplay or you get unlucky (which is 97% of the time) and your players move and feel like the physical embodiment of freshly poured cement. Your players run everywhere and no instruction for me ever keeps my players in or out of position. For example I have my 93 jovic on stay central and stay forward yet on a counter attack I can never seem to spot him anywhere on the field.

Passing Oh my god where do I even start with passing. The amount of completely open easy 1-5 yard passes that have been messed up is so scary. I’m curious to how many of the hundreds maybe even thousand of simple passes could have lead to a chance onto goal. Player movement off the ball is absolutely horrendous for me. I can’t even count how many times my player will be going on a beautiful run and I’ll pass to him and it will either go behind him or he will just stop making the run right when I pass to him. I could go on for hours about how passing is the worst part of fifa but it’s not in my opinion.

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Defending This is the worst most inconsistent part of fifa in my opinion. As a defender irl my feelings get hurt how ea make the art of defending look like a a bunch of children are playing keep away at recess. For some backstory I have 99 vvd 92 malang sarr 90 awb and 93 mendy. The fact that you get punished for using your cb to defend is criminal. So many times I’ll be using my cb to defend a through ball and they’ll still pass the ball and my cb will automatically try and tackle the ball or automatically press the other player and miss both chances to tackle the ball and block the pass when that should never happen without me manually doing it. Also at the beginning of the year ea made such a big deal about stats coming into play during 50/50s but you’re telling me a 99 vvd has less defending stats against any version of Ben yedder or neymar no I don’t think so, so why when I get a clean tackle or interception the ball always seems to find it’s way back to the offense. It makes no sense. like with passing I could go on for hours about how bad defending is but we all know how terrible it is.

Goalkeeping Like defending goalkeeping is so inconsistent. I’ve used all the good keepers this year like tots Alison tots ter stegen 95 yashin and 92 van der sar and all of them had issues that were out of their control. For example so many times I will bring my keeper out to defend an over the top through ball and they’ll either let it bounce over their head or right when it’s about to hit them in their hands they’ll back off the ball. Also rebound goals happen more often than not. Some of these rebound goals make me question if I’m playing against an opponent or ai. I’ll go back and watch the replay and see that it’s impossible for the ball to fall to the attacker the way it does when the keeper makes a save.

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I could get into scripting aka dynamic difficulty change but that’s kind of a touchy subject as some people believe in it and some don’t. All I’m going to say is how do I dominate an entire game with 15 shots and 11 on target but loose 2-0 to someone with a total of 4 shots.

All my friends deleted and never played fifa again about 3 months ago and I don’t blame them. Yesterday I deleted fifa and I’m not playing ever again. They’re not gonna fix fifa 21 nor will they’re probably ever be a good fifa again. With a company that doesn’t value their customers that always plays the victim who psychologically abuses their players and main concern is getting children to spend thousands on a pointless game we will never see change unless we all stop buying the game. With most established games most companies reward their veteran players and have respect for them but for fifa players who have been playing for more than 5 years we get left in the dust and forgot about. If you’re not spending money and grinding champs every weekend ea don’t care about you and I do t believe they care about you even if you did do those things.

There’s not enough I could say that could make this hurt lessons the hate forwards ea stop. It sucks seeing a game that is so nostalgic that I had so many great memories with come crashing down to the state it is now.

If you made it this far I appreciate you so much please leave me feedback if possible. I’d love to talk to other players about this topic. For any fifa veterans if you still play ea may not respect you but just know that I do.

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