The subtop of fifa 1700-2100 skill rating will loose their interest quite soon and here is imo why

Content of the article: "The subtop of fifa 1700-2100 skill rating will loose their interest quite soon and here is imo why"

I am currently sitting at 2070 skill rating and I was just done with rivals. Running over and over into van dijk and getting countered by mbappe just is tiresome. So I decided to do the live fut friendly. I proceeded to win 2 out of 10, all my opponents knew how to defend, did the double akka skill move and we're genuinely good opponents. However when I play friendlies against my friends, or watch with them through shareplay, they or their opponents serverly lack any of the above mentioned skills and made not thought trough plays. (Div 3-5)

Now it would have been possible that I was matched with similar leveled players by accident but since only the top 5% of the player base it at the above mentioned skill level it seems mathematically near to impossible.

Now to advocate for there being a sbmm system in fifa. After losing 5 times in a row in friendlies I all of a sudden came across people who really just started learning the game for 3 times in a row, afterwards I stopped playing since I finished the objective.

Draft is the same song all over again. I understand that people in div 6 don't want to play against div 1 level players in draft, but we have litteraly 0 casual modes to play now. I would love to drink a beer and chill and play a bit of draft and have fun with friends while doing so. But litteraly every opponent I come across has been or is a top 100 player ( googled their names after playing them, 7 out of 10 had futwiz page).

This results in that the whole game turns into one big fucking sweatfest and I'm feeling pushed towards self relegating just for playing a casual game, not even for the rewards incentive, which i find extremely sad for the poor guy/girl who I have to play in div 5 because then I will ruin his or hers game experience. I strongly believe that the top 3-10% has been pushed in a terrible predicament and has to choose the lesser of 2 evils 1 week after fifa came out to actually enjoy the game.

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