This is a game – this is the way games work (extremely simplified)

Content of the article: "This is a game – this is the way games work (extremely simplified)"

I don’t think 99% of this sub (or most other gaming related subs, for that matter) have the slightest understanding of how games or software actually work. At least it absolutely doesn’t seem like it, from all the posts with videos showing visual glitches.

Everything within the realms of software is just endless rows of mumbo-jumbo coding to most people. What they think they can understand is this: how things look and feel.

Take a situation where a shot is made and we all get to enjoy a slowmo video of the shot clipping through a defenders leg (and we upvote it a thousand times over!). It’s right that might seem weird. And it’s right in most realms of this world: if object A and object B clashes they will react to that clash and logic will decide what happens. If this picture would be real, yes, the shot would be blocked and that’s that. But it isn’t.

This is a game. This is 01100101001001. There’s tons of different layers of code and calculations deciding what will happen. What we see as players and balls and grass and goalposts, is all those calculations represented as colored pixels (because just looking at the beauty of the calculations themselves wouldn’t really be very attractive to people who would like to play a football game).

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The code decide what is going to happen. The graphic representation does absolutely not. While it looks weird and wrong, there’s nothing wrong about it, except from the mismatch between the code and the representation.

This is extremely common in all software. And people working in software are much, much, MUCH more focused on getting the calculations right, then getting the visual representation right. In general. Though, both is of course needed for a good or great end-product.

Everyone of us can make a 6 minute video out of every 12 minute game if we want to, finding all mismatches between calculation and the visual representation.

While you could argue it’s a certain measure of a games’ quality, it’s not all there is to it when it comes to the game in question being good or bad.

Input lag and bad server connection, over representation of skill moves and other gameplay details are the real issues. This is not.

As long as we, the players, are focusing on these things, the devs have good reason to be happy with their product in general. It’s complex as hell making a game of this size and scope and the ball and a leg not being represented correct here and there is such a small, tiny issue in the grander scheme of things.

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You actually get all of this, right, even if you upvote the same-same-but-different clips over and over again?


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