This is how the WL works

Content of the article: "This is how the WL works"

Salt free post from a very average player.

I play a bit of WL, on average every couple weekends. At the beginning of the game I could comfortably get G3 with a gold card only Serie A squad. 3 months later I can comfortably get G3 with a 4m team with a couple icons, Mbappe and some other nice cards. My team is drastically better than it was but my results are the same, what gives?

The way I see it is pretty simple…

My team isn’t better than the competition. Everyone is improving their team as time goes on. Better cards just mean you’re keeping up with the Joneses, maybe if I’d got my hands on Cruyff and a few others I could eke out a few more wins and kick on to G2, but I haven’t.

More importantly though… I’ve not got better. Or not gotten ‘more better’ than the competition. Yes I’ve added a few skill moves and that to the repertoire but it’s obviously not enough to outclass a wider range of players.

This is the crux of it. If you’re not doing enough to change your game and take it to the next level, why on earth would your results get better?

I played a guy yesterday who just outclassed me. Quicker to the ball, better decisions, it was an easy win for him. Messaged after, nice guy gave me a couple tips, he said he was normally G1. There was an obvious gulf in quality, yes I could score against him but the result was never in doubt.

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So this long winded post is trying to say… team doesn’t matter, adding a couple skill moves doesn’t matter. If you want to kick on you have to elevate your game in a way that takes practice and application. I can’t be arsed with that, so I’m not going to complain and I’ll just take my G3 finish as always.

Enjoy your WL all, it’s just a game, don’t stress if you can’t get the results you want.


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