This is why FIFA Mobile Chinese, Japanese and Korean editions are better

I used to be a modder of Fifa 14, 15, and 16 editions. (Shaders, Textures, AI)

Those were great games. Fifa 14 had the features, 15 was an update in terms of graphics, and 16.

16 was legendary. They reduced almost all the features and there was that constant server error but people still admired it. The reason behind it was that console-quality gameplay we all waited for. That vastly lessened the difference between Fifa on PC and Fifa on mobile. That soft touch on the ball, that shielding, positioning, side-overloads, movements, getting into formation, turning, and twisting was remarkable! It put a smile on my face to notice that EA is finally caring about people using phones. Finally, we might get an edition with 14's feature and 16's gameplay.

Then came Fifa mobile. A heartbreak, a disappointment, and utter disrespect to the players. I was shocked when I saw pre-release gameplay videos on Youtube and I only had one single question to EA.

Why? Why would you ruin such a thing?

But there was hope. They didn't shut down the 16th edition that we loved. Each day every day I hoped that we will get an update.

We didn't. The final nail in the coffin was that shutdown notice on EA's website. I still kept playing knowing the inevitable doom. Tried PES and DLS too but I did not like the AI in both of those.

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I installed FIFA mobile and it didn't felt like what I was used to and I am guessing I ain't alone. Now you might disagree with me which is okay, but I believe that gameplay is 90% of a football game and features are add-ons. Gameplay is what gamers care about which lacked in FIFA Mobile. It was too cluttered and was going downhill as I could see they were turning it into a cash cow.

That is what happened to the global edition of that game. If I'm correct It's server-sided now. You can't replace the game's AI with your version. That means development and modding by the Fifa Mobile community is done. No one is coming up with a better graphics mod or added stadiums.

That's the difference between Fifa global vs Fifa country-specific versions. EA allowed companies from China, Korea, and Japan to make modifications to their game and they did it. They are making things better which EA should have done years ago. So to simply answer your question,

EA does not care what you think.

They are assigning their resources to the PC edition (which also went to shit, thanks to EA) and amid a pandemic, you sure can hope Fifa mobile global edition won't get a significant update.

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Slight tweaking on the player movements, changing the grass, and adding 60fps to get rid of the stutter could solve some huge troubles but I doubt they will do it. As a fan, I only hope they improve from here. My love for football is what motivates me to open this game else I would have stopped caring about it years ago.

In the meantime, you can start playing country-specific editions if you are familiar with the UI or the language. Quick updates and improvements will make this game bearable. For the vast majority of us who have no idea how to change language (since there's no language patch that I'm aware of) guess we'll just suffer.

Thanks for reading. If you have different opinions please do share. And ofc correct me if I'm wrong.


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