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(The following text is just my opinion) Wow i just don’t know how to start even. I just saw the new offers. First …The Icon pack and the star pass. The rewards are really really amazing, but at the same time, i feel just like an cow that milk forced for the last drop. The market won’t have chance to recover, and to earn the coins for the last upgrades, i would have to buy it because all my investments crushed. it‘s even more i have the feeling to be forced to buy, just to stay competitive. 104 cl cards i grinded hard for, get crushed and outdated with upcoming 110 ovr cards. My Team is really amazing, i ve got the cards i want, and mostly the best on position. But i get destroyed by low teams with rubbish cards easily, so i upgraded it more just to face more nightmares. with 20+ovr. lousy teams with no skilled cards live, thanks to the awful rank ups. Its the end of an horrible season thats made just to milk and rip every player here. Of course you don’t have to buy anything, but than you probably won’t have any chance to earn vsa or h1h rewards. at this point we should enjoy our hard grinded teams, but i feel we just get pressured even more. its really disgusting and respectless to the community, just like the complete season. Just like the fact, EA throw out infos, on discord instead where the most community still moves… Fb and Twitter. The reason is obviously too, they probably have an contract or are connected to the developer (maybe they even are, who knows) just to give discord a big push. while the community on fb get completely throwd in the garbage. i never got or will use discord… ever. i m just not interested. i also read how ppl got banned just for critics or opinions, so its an dictator way… disgusting enough. I m really hard disappointed in EA. I realized i could write even much more of things thats going wrong on the game or even by the community. but i wrote with my lousy english (sry for that, i m from germany and out of practice) more than i even wanted. while realizing there is much more to say. or is it just me. if anybody is patient enough to read this, give me your true opinion. Thx, have good day and much luck. peace out ✌️

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