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Hello everyone! Hope you'll are having a fantastic day. Recently, my friends and my league too were having trouble playing H2H. Spammers, lags and all that nuisance. So i thought, ill just help you all witha few tips that helped my game, and took me a step further!

(Note: My playstyle is sole tiki taka – side overload. In no way am i supporting cross spamming (note 2.0: its up to you if you want to cross spam. But be careful if you face me, ill have no mercy (: ). These are just a few tricks i use to defend/attack and has helped me get Zidane, as well as get a few higher cup count since i only play about 5 games a day. No grinding)

  1. Check your net connection

Yup, the frequent lags are usually the servers acting up, but make sure to check your net before you start your grind. We don't want those lags when we are about to make a crucial pass!

  1. Check my posts regarding spammers

Having troubles defending against spammers? Or is your defense just acting up. No worries! You can check my other posts where ive given more tips and tricks.

  1. Practice makes a man/woman perfect!

Before i got my Zidane, i practiced a lot against my friends. This was back in around January/February. Then i had a 102 OVR team with not so very good cards (probably decent at that time though). But remember, even a base player team can excel if you master those passes, roulettes, fake shots and what not. There's diversity, don't ignore it. Practice against your friends, learn to time your passes. Make your game plan, plan A, plan B, backup plan.

  1. Skill moves are the best
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Not using skill moves is not a very genius strategy. There was a time where i couldn't roulette past an AI player, but now i sometimes beat Nesta with a Vardy roulette. They are OP and can get you out of tough situations. Heres a list of skill moves and how to time them right:

Roulette: Best used when one or two players in front of you and on one side, not blocking both sides. Can help you get out of corners as well

Flip Flap: Tough to execute, but very useful if timed right.

Ronaldo chop: By far the best way to get out of corners, time it right and you'll go through the entire defense. Best used on the flanks/when 1v1 with a defender and you see another player making a run, used to create space for a pass.

Rainbow Flick: I use it to get past the likes of Carvajal, Baines, etc. Requires practice and timing, but has a near 90% stun rate.

Fake Shot: Underused, but very useful. Ive scored unbelievable goals using this. Best used to create space/cut in for finesses/beat a defender or two before shooting from outside the box.

  1. Choose your players and your formation

We have diversity. Don't ignore it. Choose the formation, for H2H 5ATB and 4ATB only. 3 ATB is very tough and risky. Personally, 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 Attack are two of the best formations in H2H, especially when you have a pair of Defensive CM and Offensive CM in 4-3-3.

Choose your players according. Limit your SBs, pick them according to your playstyle. Here's a list of meta players which i personally feel excel in their respective playstyle.

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Long Shots: UTOTSSF: Ronaldo, Sancho, Lewandowski TOTSSF: Benzema, Vardy

Pace: Mbappe (TOTSSF and UTOTSSF), Messi (all forms work :)), Vardy TOTSSF

Aerial Excellence: Ronaldo, Benzema, Lewandowski

Budget Players for starters: Daramy POTM, Vardy TOTSSF, Buffon SP, Milinkovic and Henderson TOTSSF, Antonio POTM, Wan Bissaka TOTSSF, Almiron FA, Rodriguez El Dorado, Brandt TOTSSF, Partey POTM, Ndidi TOTSSF, Rüdiger EAster, Acerbi TOTSSF, Sokratis Atlantis.

  1. When in game…..

Observe your opponent's playstyle. Adapt to it. Predict their passes. Turn off auto switching, use second defender to auto chase while you manually mark your opponent using the joystick with another player. Force them into corners and make them mess up. Sandwich their wingers, use second defender. More tips in my other posts as well!

Thats all from my side. Hope these tips help. Any suggestions, hate, compliments are welcome. Good day/evening everyone, enjoy and stay safe!


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