[Tips] FAQs regarding LNY Event

So people on this subreddit still have a lot of questions about LNY. Below I will try my best to answer the ones that are most commonly asked.

Q1. Should I claim the current offer/what offers should I claim to minimise spending points?

Answer: Since the 85 rated player turned out to be way cheaper than expected (500 points instead of 750), the clear path forward is now to claim offers 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26 and 28. Total number of points: 450+750+475+450+800+425+425+425+400+450+450+425+975+450=7350.

Q2. Oh no! I missed offer 3/6/yesterday's offer/I just started today/I'm not free to play until day 5. Can I still claim Roberto Carlos?

Answer: If you missed only 1 of the offers mentioned in Q1, you are guaranteed to still get Carlos – simply swop the offer you missed with offer 27 (cost: 1075 points), and the total will still be less than the 8400 points you get simply by completing the Hard path every day.

If you missed (or will miss) 2-3 of the offers mentioned in Q1, simply swop the offers you missed with offers (in this order): 27, followed by 14, followed by 19. (For example, if you missed 2 offers, swop the offer you missed with 27 and 14). You will likely need to obtain extra LNY points in the red envelopes to get Carlos.

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Q3. The Hard path is too hard for me. Can I get Carlos by only playing the Easy path?

Answer: No. You get a maximum total of 5600 (from Easy path) +1200 (from envelopes) = 6800 points (excluding those from Monster Scales, which you are unlikely to get anyway since you are playing on Easy) if you only play the Easy path. You need at least 7350 points to get Carlos.

Q4. In that case, how many gems do I need to claim Carlos if I am only playing the Easy path?

Answer: If you are feeling lucky and think that you can get enough Monster Scales to get 50 Lunar points, you need 2500 gems (and you need to claim all the lunar points from red envelope offers, including those that have already appeared). If not, 5000 gems at least.

Note 1: If you have bought the Star Pass, you will have an extra 200 points, so you do not need to get any Lunar Points from Monster Scales.

Note 2: If you are willing to spend a bit of money, you can do it with 1250 gems by purchasing the chain offers 1 and 2 in the store since the second offer gives 750 lunar points.

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Q5. What about the other players? Can I get a 96/97/98/99 rated player?

Answer: Only up to the 96 rated player is F2P, and you must claim at least 3 lunar point offers from red envelopes, in addition to completing the Hard Path every day.

To estimate, if you manage to get all red envelope lunar point offers and get the max 9600 points (it is unlikely you can get another 400 from monster scales alone), you need 7500 gems for the 97 rated player, 12500 gems for the 98 rated player and 27500 gems for the 99 rated player.

Feel free to ask any more questions below if you have any not listed here.


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