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Formation: 5-2-2-1. Just use it, there is no better formation for completing 'Score with a defender'. Put a dependable RM or RW at RWB. The reason this works better than corners is because corners are basically a 50% chance of scoring bc of scripting, and the position the players take in the box is also not under your control. You never know if your Nesta (or anyone else) will just head it wide, wasting a valuable scoring opportunity, time, and sanity.

Step 1. Score with your RWB, who should be a good RM or RW. There are two options to do this. The first (what I use) is a power shot back post. The second is to finesse. If your RWB player has 140 Shotpower, use the first option unless you are very confident in your finesse shot. First, pass the ball directly from kick-off to the RWB. Roulette past their LW. Approach their LB. DO NOT SPRINT until you roulette to the side of them, then just sprint alongside the line, DO NOT try to cut the ball in, the fullbacks have inhuman pace and will catch up if you try to go inside. Instead of cutting inside, go to the endline, and on the way back roulette past the LB who was chasing your RWB. At this point, you must make a decision based on two things: the positioning of their Left CB and one of their midfielders. If on of the midfielders is standing towards the top of the box, he is waiting for you. If you see this, it is a trap and do not try to go across the box as you will be immediately swarmed with the Midfielder and the Left Centerback. Then, instead of going across the box and power shot back post, you must roulette past the Left CB and go near post. If there is no midfielder on the top of the box, run along the top of the box and just power shot back post. The GK cannot save power shots, just make sure the ball is on the RWB's Left foot.

If you decide to use a finesse shot instead, you do not need to worry about the Midfielder trap at the top of the box, as he will not have enough time to step to block the shot, unless you get too far into the box. If you use this option, make sure to time your roulette past the LB to gain time to take the shot. If you do not roulette (or other skill move), the LB will be on your tail within a few seconds and will win the ball before you can hit the shot.

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Step 2. Here you can make a decision: Score another goal with the RWB to complete the brace, or score three goals with other players, two of them with the same player. If you decide to score a brace with the RWB, stick to the same plan for doing this as before. If you decide to use other players, here are a few tips for scoring with them:

  1. DO NOT TRY TO PLAY TIKI TAKA. First of all, passing to any extent in these types of games is not practical because it only takes one interference of the script, one small lag spike, one time the player runs for a through ball but you pass it to feet, to basically negate your chances of winning. If the other team gets the ball, they will waste a bunch of time, which is precious. Basically, pass the ball to the player you want to score and keep it on his foot until he scores, even if you have to dribble the whole field. Passing cannot be trusted in these matches.
  2. DO NOT TRY TO OUTRUN THEIR PLAYERS. Never try to beat them in a speed race down the line, unless it is a breakaway to goal.
  3. Keep track of the players with which you have scored and try to score your 2nd and 3rd goals with the same player.
  4. Give the ball always to the player with which you need to score; Dribbling the ball is always safer in AI Matches than passing or through balls. If your target is a winger, take the ball out wide and cut back using the same method for scoring with the RWB. If you target is the striker, you can either attack the CB directly, or just dribble out wide yourself and use the same cutback method.
  5. Using crosses and an aerial striker can work; however, crosses are much less dependable than power shots and have more variation. Thus, it will be harder to replicate your methods every time because they will always be slightly different.
  6. Another trick is to give the opposition a free corner. I have recently used this method and the basic principle is that since the AI (although inhumanly good at defending corners) are almost incapable of scoring on their own. Use this to you advantage as corners pull up all their centerbacks and leave them exposed for a quick counter. Basically, when right after the screen changes to their corner, grab the player near the corner of the box closest to the corner. This player will almost always be a winger or a CAM (make sure you have a good deal of speed in these positions). When the corner is taken, instead of spamming clear, tap on the player mentioned above. Most of the time, the center back will win the ball and direct it to the Winger/CAM. Then, start sprinting upfield (sprinting is justified in this method). Your striker will always start sprinting upfield as well, into gap left by the centerbacks who went to the corner. A Fullback or midfielder from the other team will almost always step to your Winger/CAM. This makes an even bigger gap which your striker should be running towards. If this is not the case for some reason, scripting, whatever, try to roulette past the fullback and just flat out beat him to get a 1v1 on goal. Use a power shot from a central position on the field so the GK cannot save it, don't shoot from too far away or wait too long. Note: this only works if your Winger/CAM has good speed and your striker as well. The counter must be carried out with speed for it to work.
  7. STAY CALM AND FOCUSED. This is the most important one of all. If you are not calm, you will probably choke on the game winning shot (happened to me before) and if you do not stay focused, they can break through the defense and score, even in the last minute when you think you have won the game (also happened to me).
  8. IT WILL TAKE SEVERAL TRIES TO GET IT RIGHT. Very few will be able to complete it on the first try. Expect this and just stick to the game plan, you will get it eventually.
  9. TAKE BREAKS. This one is important too, if you have just lost 10 games in a row, don't (for the sake of your sanity) try to play another one immediately. Go do something else, listen to music, take a walk. The game is not worth losing mental health or gaining extreme rage and anger. Keep it real
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Good luck to u all, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below.


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