Tips How to demolish cross spammers

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Hey guys. So recently ive seen a lot of rants about cross spammers and i face one every alternate match. They are everywhere. They run they cross and they score and many times you cant do anything about it. Even i get demolished 3-0 so many times due to them. But many a times its the other way around. Many people say defend better, use 5 ATB formations. But even if you use 4 ATB, here are a few tips.

  1. Identifying a cross spammer

Its quite simple really. Using heading beasts like Ronaldo, Zidane, Aduriz at ST/LW/RW, pacy winger on the other side like Sancho, Traore and mostly 5ATB with Hakimi/Sancho/Traore (if not at RW) on full backs. If they have a unique team, but you still doubt he is going to cross spam, you can identify by looking at their passes. They will always aim at thier wingers even if they are one roulette away from 1v1 with the goalkeeper. Exactly after kickoff, their passes go to the wingers.

  1. Basic Tips

Scoring should be easy because many a times they use their full backs to cross too so as long as you can sprint past you should be good. If not, then make them draw out their defenders. This always works. I make them push their defenders out to get a gap and pass at the last moment. You can also using the 'tit for tat' strategy to cross spam too, but it just makes it unfair and you probably won't succeed due to all the pace. Make sure your defence is in line and never let your full back push up. Use your LW/RW/CM/CAM and let your LB/RB stay back. When they pass, make sure you do not sprint immediately at the opponent, they start spamming roulettes so let your LW/RW/CM/CAM come back or use second defender to squeeze the ball out. Dont be afraid to concede a throw in, you can easily make them mess up and you can take advantage of the situation. The obvious tip, use tall CBs. I personally use Cannavaro-Acerbi and i usually succeed against defending 5-10 crosses (unless my players start acting weird and play OOP all the time).

  1. Advanced yet Risky tip
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Sometimes i push my UTOTSSF Ronaldo back to defend a cross or mark a player, even works with Zidane or Milinkovic if you have him in your team. Overload your box although can be risky since you wont have many options for counters. Ronaldo has helped me save so many crosses, cant count. So overload your box. Another tip, when they start running down the wing, make sure your full back doesn't get messed and falls back. This will make your CB go out and you will be left with two CBs in the box.

So these are all the tips from my side and they usually help me overcome this irritating strategy. All you need is practice and you'll be good to go. So good luck, and make sure to comment your opinions/strategies you use to defend! Cya, peace ✌!


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