Tomorrow during rewards might be the best time to buy players if you intend to continue playing FIFA 20

Content of the article: "Tomorrow during rewards might be the best time to buy players if you intend to continue playing FIFA 20"

We're nearing the end of the 20 cycle and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to buy 21 (straightaway at least), so I plan to hop onto 20 whenever I feel like playing some Fifa for Squad Battles or Rivals.

The Pre-Season event ends in 2 days which means not only all of the upgrade SBCs will expire, but the Best of players won't be in packs anymore. It is possible EA extends this event or comes up with something new, but considering the demo for 21 is around the corner, I personally believe that's gonna be it for 20 content.

If you want to keep on playing and are interested in trying some players, tomorrow might be the best time to pull the trigger on your desired players. It will probably be the last rewards day with promo cards in packs, so supply will be high one last time. I always love sniping between DR rewards (9am CET) and WL rewards (10am CET), you can usually make some great deals if you are lucky. For example I got TOTS Renato Sanches for 37k last Thursday during rewards per BIN.

Now with promo cards soon going out of packs and people jumping over to 21, letting their tradeable players rot in their club, supply for all players will drastically drop in the coming weeks. Not necessarily all players' prices will increase as a result, and especially not immediately. But on Futbin's 2019 database you can see for example that most popular players' prices hit rock bottom at the beginning of August 2019, before slowly climbing up again. That was one month before the release of FIFA 20, so roughly the same time frame we are in right now. It's difficult to perfectly predict how prices will develop, I'd argue many lesser known players' prices will be pretty random, due to very low supply on the market in a few weeks time. Also price development for cheaper players might be totally different to high end elite players. But to be on the safe side, get your favorite players tomorrow if you want to keep playing FIFA 20 (also don't forget we still have more than 3 weeks to play 20 before the new game comes out, so think about which players you still want to try and pull the trigger tomorrow).

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Obviously this is all under the assumption that Pre-Season indeed ends and promo cards indeed go out of packs in 2 days. What's your take on this situation? Would you also recommend to make last big purchases now? Also how many of you intend to stay on 20 for a while to still use your favorite players and squads for a little longer?


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