Top three silver players per position

At the start of every Fifa, I buy every good to great silver and bronze card in the game, make some teams and have fun with them. The following is a list per position, where I humbily give three players each that I believe to be the best. I've tried almost every single OP silver card, however experiences may vary and players I fail to mention might be very good for you. You will also notice that the defensive options are much, much better than the attacking ones. This is a good thing, as most silver stars items and IF's are attacking based.

Here goes.


Robin Zentner -> crazy expensive due to being the only rare silver Bundesliga GK, also links to some great silver defenders. He's 1m94/6'4'' and as good as they come for a silver goalkeeper really. The one true silver GK king. Fun little fact, he's the only 74 rated rare silver GK.

Joe Hart -> used him to link some English guys together, and he's great. He's 1m96/6'5'' and did a solid job whenever he needed to.

Orestis Karnezis -> he's a very solid silver GK with very OP Lille links. Can't go wrong with him in your team.


Johan Mojica -> downgraded from last year as an OP 75 rated gold to an even more ridiculous 74 this year. He's by some distance the best silver LB in the game, and he costs a whopping 600 coins. Literally the joint fastest silver LB in the game whilst one of the best dribblers to boot.

Rico Henry -> he's the much smaller version of Mojica. Joint fastest with the aforementioned Colombian, with fantastic links as an Englishman in the Prem. Due to the links, he's 8 times more expensive though.

Ruben Vinagre -> lovely little LB here, with 86 pace and the highest dribbling of any silver LB with 77. Feels very good on the ball and is an asset as an attacking wingback on the overlap.


Kamil Piatkowski -> there are dozens of super fast CB's in the game this year. Piatkowski is very, very fast at 81 pace, but there are even faster ones out there. However, none are even remotely as good as him. He's to silvers this year what Varane was to golds last year. He has surprisingly good agility and balance for a huge lad like him, and he's laughably good in the air. Fifa 21 corners with CR7 good. He's the captain of my team and honestly my favorite silver this year. Also, superb club links and relatively cheap.

Tiago Djalo -> Djalo is very comparable to Kwiatkowski, a little less broken but insanely good nonetheless. He's super fast, super strong (84 strength like Piatkowski), but he feels a bit heavier, which might be due to having almost half the balance our number one CB has. Still, if you come up against him, you're gonna have a tough time. He's like Lacroix this year.

Maxim Leitsch -> this CB has 87 pace. 87. Yeah. He stronglinks to atleast five of the best silvers in the game. He's 1m88/6'2''. Sure, he's outshone by Piatkowski as part of my CB pairing, but that isn,'t a blemish. Leitsch is amazing.


Falaye Sacko -> many like for like options at RB, I prefer Sacko the most. Tough to link as he's from Mali in Liga NOS, but he's super quick, with great dribbling. What sets him apart from the other options is his stamina at 92 and the fact that most of the other options are very small.

Aurelio Buta -> superb RB, but on the small side. He feels very agile and responsive, against other silvers he's noticeably good. His 4 star skills 4 star weak foot is an anomaly for silver defenders. Has a very good stronglink to midfield as well.

Jeremie Frimpong -> there are several other players that aren't better or worse than him, but h's a Dutch Bundesliga RB, so that gives him the nod. He's fast, with insane agility and balance. You can't go wrong with him in your team.


Fabricio Baiano -> he has 87 pace as a CDM, with 88 stamina, 85 strenght, 81 agression, do I need to say more? He’s very cheap as well, and Brazilian to boot. The CM options are better than the CDM ones, but if you’re intent on using one, he’s your guy.

Andy Rinomhota -> fantastic CDM, 82 pace with 91 stamina, 81 strenght, good dribbling, M/H, very good links, cheap. He’s a very tidy CDM and has that nagging ability that Kante has.

Mohamed Camara -> he’s in this list because he’s a) a top ten CDM and b) has some of the most OP RB Salzburg links in the game. He stronglinks to Piatkowski, Adeyemi and Solet, and weaklinks to the best silver CAM in the game. He’s gonna be in many silver teams, and he won’t be a weak spot.


Marcelino Moreno -> by now you will have seen that pace is by far the most important stat on silvers. Moreno has 89 pace and he’s the fastest CM. However, that’s only a small part why he’s the best CM. He has five star skills. He’s super agile with 93 agility, and he can keep running for 90 minutes. I don’t have him starting due to chem reasons, but he’s the number 1 man of the bench. A gamechanger.

Joe Aribo -> this player is so good that I remade my hybrid to accommodate him. Very fast, 4 star skills, tall yet lean. He glides over the pitch but he’s a dog, Arturo Vidal style box to box player.

Bryan Acosta -> you want a smaller but arguably statistical better Aribo? Acosta is your man. I personally prefer Aribo, but the difference is marginal. Also, Acosta softlinks to Moreno. Three ridiculous options for CM, and many were cut that deserved to be mentioned.


Taxiarchis Fountas -> the runaway best silver CAM in the game for me. He’s (surprise surprise) very fast with 88 pace, with him also being one of the best shooting CAMs. He links to all the aforementioned Austrian league beasts. In game, he’s very fluid.

Marcos Junior -> the closest thing you’ll get to Fountas, but Junior is very small at 1m67/5’6’’. Lot of things to love with the card, his initial acceleration feels rapid.

Genki Haraguchi -> this card plays above his stats. Good pace, good dribbling, 4 star skills 4 star weak foot, high stamina, Bundesliga links. He’s one of the best options in an otherwise not so stacked position.


IF Kamaldeen Sulemana -> the other options aren’t even in the same stratosphere, even regular Sulemana would have made the list. 4 star skills with 4 star weak foot, and stats that far exceed any other LM/LW, he’s the one and only for now if you want to play with wingers. The best attacking silver card in the game.

Chidera Ejuke ->a combination of blistering pace and great dribbling, together with H/H workrates makes Ejuke one of the best left sided silvers in the game. I do have to say that the options at the wings are so dire that I play narrow formations.

Gerrit Holtmann -> he’s the joint fastest winger in the game, and the stronglinks to all Bochum players. For those unaware, Bochum has the most ridiculous OP silvers in the game of any club this year. Enough for Holtmann to make this list.


Roy Krishna -> let me start of by saying that this is the worst batch of silver STs we have had in years. I do like Krishna though. 4 star 4 star, 90 pace, passable shooting, very good physicals. It’s saying a lot that he’s the number one, but silver stars is heavily ST oriented, so this will change soon. For what it’s worth, the Indian club badge and Fiji country badge on Krishna’s card are amazing.

Karim Adeyemi -> we all know him as he’s a massive talent and he got a silver star last year. He’s a very good striker, with the Salzburg links too. Not too much to say here, other than that he’ll do the job.

Emmanuel Dennis -> he’s a silver ST this year, and he’s good. 4 star weak foot, and he has a perfect link to Etebo, a very solid CM. Many players are comparable to Dennis, but he gets the nod as a Prem players due to links.


Mitchell Van Bergen -> rapid with five star weak foot, great agility and good dribbling. Has some good links in Ligue 1 and Dutch players. He’s also a FUT favorite, so it’s nice having him so good again.

Rhayner -> RM/RW is the worst position in the game for silvers. Not a single player stands out. Rhayner is second due to his pace and moderate dribbling. That’s it. Very poor for a number two option.

Juan Otero -> he’s fast with okay dribbling and physicals. I tried boys, I tried. He’s number three.


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