TOTS Ivan Toney Player Review

(Note: All games were played in Rivals/FUT Champs. No squad battles stat padding here)

After finishing G3 in the last Weekend League, I was luck enough to get TOTS Toney in my rewards. An amazing looking striker, I knew I had to give him a try and see how he turned out. Afterwards, I thought I'd write a review to let people know whether a 2nd division striker is worth 100k.

Toney's record for me

My Team | In-Game

Pace – 8/10

With 95 pace, obviously he’s rapid. If he gets through on goal there’s no stopping him. The 99 pace full-back meta defenders can give him a foot race, but if he steals a yard on anyone, he’s through. Putting a hawk chemistry style on him is an option if you feel you need that extra pace, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Definitely good enough for those who like a pacey forward.

Dribbling – 5/10

Toney’s dribbling definitely isn’t as great as the on-card stats would suggest, but he’s still not bad. Skillers won’t have fun with him due to his 3* skills, and his unfavourable body type means he can feel clunky in certain situations around the box. However, you can definitely feel the 99 agility in certain circumstances as he can definitely beat a man when he needs to. One of those players who’s dribbling will noticeably different depending on your connection too. I’ve had him feel as light as a feather on the ball in one game and turn like a truck in the next. Not bad, but I hesitate to say good.

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Shooting – 9/10

Now this is why you buy Toney. He’s an absolutely lethal poacher. Inside the box he’ll bury anything that falls to his right foot. I can count on one hand the amount of chances he’s missed across an entire WL session (barring annoying blocked shots), he finishes for fun. He can even test the keeper from distance too, possessing a nice, powerful shot and a surprisingly accurate finesse shot. I can’t give him a perfect score due to his 3* weak foot letting down his otherwise flawless scoring ability and his longer range shooting not being up to what other players can offer, but if you need someone who’ll guarantee you goals, Toney is your man.

Defending – N/A

Surprisingly okay I guess? He’s not bad for putting pressure on defenders and can steal the ball a few times, but just never use him as a defender. Can’t really give a rating for this one.

Passing – 5/10

Not bad, but not great. He can do link up play fairly well, playing 1-2s with a strike partner, but I’ve had an annoying amount of wayward passes from him in the final third. Between by triangle of himself, TOTS Sarr and Mid Pele, he’s definitely the one who lets the side down most on the passing standpoint. Hard to say if it’s him or FIFA’s bipolar passing system, but he’s certainly not a standout here. Does an okay job though, I guess.

Physical – 9/10

An absolute beast physically. Great at holding off defenders for hold-up play, allowing other players to come into the game. In the air he’s dominant too, his height and body type allowing him to get the better of defenders. Toney is a refreshing case of a strong player actually feeling strong, though I can’t give him a perfect score due to the FIFA tendency of having anyone who tangles with Klaiber or Varane ending up in a heap on the floor. Still, he’ll stay on his feet better than most and makes an excellent target man and a threat from set-pieces.

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Overall Comments:

Some things I didn’t go over in the stat by stat reviews, his M/M workrates are so damn annoying. If he had H/M, he’d be so much better, but he just doesn’t make the runs I’d want a striker like him to make. Obviously they can be manually triggered, but it slows down the attack having to play the ball into him to get him to start running as he probably should. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s definitely annoying. His 3/3 could definitely turn a few people off him, but pair him with a better dribbler and more of a playmaking strike partner and it’s not as bad. I can still definitely recommend Toney, he’s got some excellent attributes and is one of the most consistent goalscorers I’ve used in the game. With a plethora of Championship and English options to link him with, you can fit him into a damn good team. He’s not the most meta of players, but he can definitely do a great job in the highest levels of play. For around 100k, he’s definitely worth a go.


  • Great pace, extremely hard to stop once he gets going

  • Absolute lethal finisher, buries just about anything within 18 yards

  • A physical presence, an absolute menace to deal with for weaker defenders

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  • M/M workrates are extremely annoying, doesn’t make the runs I’d like

  • 3* WF can be annoying on occasion, misses some key chances if forced onto his left

  • Lack of traits and unfavourable body type can lead to some frustrating moments, especially when dribbling

Overall Rating – 7/10

Let me know what you thought of the review, and if you've used TOTS Toney yourself!


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