TOTS Mason Mount Review – What a Player

TL;DR: Amazing card, amazing value for money. Overall rating 9/10.

Stats after 9 games in FUT Champs: 10 goals, 4 assists.

Chemistry style: Engine.

He was played maybe 2/3 the time as a CDM and 1/3 the time as a CAM/ST. Managed to pack him untradeable yesterday from an 80+ PP, which is amazing, because as a Chelsea fan, he was the one card I coveted the most from PL TOTS.

Pace (8.5/10): Didn't expect it, but this dude is pretty rapid. His 96 acceleration is nutty and pairs well with his dribbling. It feels like you're using the bridge move even when you're just pressing R2. His 86 sprint speed isn't top tier but I don't really have him chasing through balls, so it doesn't matter too much to me.

Dribbling (9.5/10): He dribbles in game like he does in real life – slick and with panache. Lack of 4* skill moves is obviously a little disappointing, meaning he can't croqueta or berba spin, but that's the only thing that stops this from being a 10. His left stick dribbling and close control is insane, and together with his acceleration makes turning and sprinting away from defenders easy. He gives as much joy while dribbling as POTM Messi, which is saying something.

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Shooting (9/10): Cracking shooting. 93+ in all the most important shooting stats speaks volumes, meaning his finishing and shot power is top tier. 4* weak foot is more than good enough as well, and he gets very good power on his left too. His free kicks are great – I've knocked in 2 this weekend. I haven't tried any volleys, as I don't cross much, so I can't comment on that.

Passing (9/10): Amazing passing. He doesn't misplace many, if any, passes unlike some other players (ahem FB Renato). He gets great power on his passes, meaning he can play those sweeping 30-40 yard through balls to your sweaty STs perfectly.

Defending (7/10): Obviously this isn't his calling card, but he's still no slouch when it comes to defending. His pace and agility/balance lets him jockey very well, and to be honest I don't think the defensive stats matter TOO much if you know what you're doing.

Physical (8/10): 72 strength means he gets bullied off the ball sometimes by the likes of Varane or Ake, which isn't ideal. However, 99 stamina is amazing to have, especially for a player as suited to a box-to-box role as he is. Even while playing as a CDM, a quick L1+X will have him marauding forward with no regard for human life.

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Conclusion: Maybe I'm a bit biased, being a huge Chelsea and Mason Mount fan, but this card is crazy good. And at <400k, you can't really go wrong with him. My stats with him are already pretty good, but I imagine they could be much better if I played him full time at some place other than CDM. He's a terrific player, and a surefire pick-up for any prem team.


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