TOTW Diogo Jota

Hi all!

I decided to give Diogo Jota a go for a few games as I have In Form Mane and its been a while since I've started him.

I'm Div 3-4 Xbox most weeks and I tried him as ST, CAM and Right side CM.

5 Star Weak Foot

The more I look at players through a review lens, the more I realise that weak foot stars are not built equally. I played 5 games with him and scored one penalty. The shots I attempted on his weak foot , were all straight down the keepers middle and if they did force a save, it was usually through power. No spills unfortunately though.


Is it harsh to judge shooting from 5 games…..

When shooting , I found that a lack of finesse shots really showed. The times where he tested the keeper, they were all from powerful shots. Again, none of these resulted in spills to oncoming attackers though.

Positioning: 89 Finishing: 84 Shot Power: 89 Long Shots: 81


Jota has 80 passing and it really shows. The amount of times I would try a through ball, where 2 players were in close proximity, it would usually go nowhere to either of them. He can play little simple balls to a close team mate, but his ability to open a defence or lay a nice pass for someone to run on to, was really lacking.

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Vision: 83 Short: 81 Long: 77

On Ball

Those Dribbling stats look really good to me! Agility and Balance in the 90's along with high 80's everywhere else.

When playing, I just found him to be a bit odd. The ball would be ahead of him quite often , not really a ball on a string dribbler like a Mahrez type. I would often get tackled by the likes of Boateng and even weaker midfielders like Coeman at one point.

A streamer I did watch appeared to do better with him when bridging skills moves a lot. Personally i usually do one at a time in comparison to bridging 2 or 3 moves together.


Firstly! I'm all about having the players you love in your team. As a NUFC fan I've been using ASM TOTW for a fair bit now ( I'll have no chance at any other players being usable !)

That said, I really don't think anyone will buy this card and think to themselves that100k or 200k is a good purchase. He just didn't appear to strike the ball/Pass the ball or steal the ball well enough to find a place in my team. If he got this upgrade last year, he potentially could've been a lot of fun but I think the players you'll come up against are going to be far too strong and quick for Jota to have an impact.

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I have just watched a stream with someone using his OTW card and he was torching people. It potentially was more to do with the streamer than the card but he did appear to make better runs when coming from the wings, rather than the centre of the pitch.

Glad to see him out on the pitch as he's a fun player to watch!

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