View of a new player on the game and the community.

Hi! I got into FIFA20 recently, and I'd like to share some thoughts and observations from my time here so far.

  1. The mechanics have gotten a lot better than I remember from the brief experiences of the past. Players now seem to have some form of momentum, so they can't just break physics to advance down the field so much.
  2. Ultimate team is super cool. I can put any player with any team! matching up odd combos is fun and I probably spend more time doing that than actually playing with the squads.
  3. Online play is not even remotely new player friendly. I figured I would get matched against other new players at least for some of my first few matches. I was sorely wrong. I don't think I've played against another new player yet at about 20 matches in, nor have I even tied a game (besides the one guy who let me score then quit). You savages all have sick squads!
  4. Buying the game when it comes out seems to be almost essential for success. I think it would be easier to keep up with everyone else if you start at the same place. This is a problem with the game itself. Why doesn't it pit new players against each other like every other online game ever. This does not encourage new players to stick around. It just breeds toxicity and turns off new players.
  5. I appreciate the amount of control available over so many aspects of team tactics, formations, even individual player instructions! It may not be the most intuitive series of button presses to find and do these things, but the fact that they are there and at least sorta work is wonderful. If I get mad at a player for not making a run repeatedly, I can give him instruction which will encourage them to do so!
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So far my experience has been a mix of "wow, this game is cool!" and crying in the corner after getting beat to death for the 14th time in a row.

I'll see you all in division 10!


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